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Data driven ad performance on YouTube

Helping brands align YouTube ad placements with the most relevant, brand suitable and high performing channels.

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Mirrors for YouTube helps brands place ads in the most content relevant and brand suitable advertising environment, with actionable insights that drive performance.

Targeted advertising

Leverages highly customizable algorithms to identify the most content aligned and high performing YouTube channels through contextual pattern analysis using titles, tags, descriptions, comments, captions and an additional layer of 3rd party datasets — helping brands reach their most relevant audience on YouTube.


Brand suitability

Not only targets highly relevant content, but its custom-built exclusion lists also filter out videos and channels featuring unsafe and harmful contexts using keyword based blocklists and human validation. Providing brands with controls unique to every campaign, ensuring a highly relevant and safe environment.

Human Validation

The identified pool of channels is vetted and validated for relevance criterias by a team of moderators — ensuring complete content alignment and brand suitability.


Campaign Performance

Goes beyond post campaign performance metrics like impressions, view rate and click-through-rate — provides actionable insights for in-flight campaigns, ensuring brands enhanced performance and return on their YouTube investment.


Detailed reporting into contextual pattern analysis, enhanced transparency into ad placements, and deep dive into your YouTube campaign performance.


How Mirrors for YouTube works

Filtering out Channels and Videos on the basis of Subscribers, View Count, Likes, Dislikes, Published Date and Duration.
Contextual pattern analysis of channels and videos using titles, tags, descriptions, comments, video captions with additional layers of 3rd party data sets and human review.
Keyword based exclusions via custom-built library across multiple languages and videos, validated through human intervention. arrow
Recommendation engine helps build suitability factor for campaign according to clients’ custom inclusions or exclusions.
Campaign placement exclusion/ inclusion list is created (exclusion %, channel names, videos details, content affinity).
Campaign is setup on DV360 or Google AdWords (channel ids and video placements).
Campaign performance data is analysed and all new videos data for a channel is processed for optimization.
* Mirrors for YouTube leverages YouTube API data and our proprietary algorithms for context relevant, brand suitable and high performing ad alignment.

Experience Mirrors for YouTube

Learn more on how Mirrors drives ad performance through content aligned ad placements in a highly brand suitable environment on YouTube.

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Experience Mirrors YT

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