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What this means for the brand?

Minimize Ad Wastage

Higher Effective ROI

Enhanced User Experience

Positive Brand Recall

Get the Best of Both Worlds with Parallels - Sports Sync Technology

Silverpush’s sports sync helps brands maximize their brand exposure by triggering digital ads based on real-time sporting events.

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Target FIFA lovers on Youtube by Placing Contextually Relevant Ads with Mirrors

Mirrors AI technology places ads on the trending videos related to FIFA, resulting in targeting the relevant audience at the correct time.

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Get Football Fans Attention in Real-time on Open Web in Brand Safe Environment

Broaden the scope of your advertising campaigns and connect with the sports fanatics on the web to widen your reach and increase engagement.

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This Fifa 2022, Make your Branding highly Impactful on Facebook with Mirrors Technology

Our AI technology filters relevant pages and ensures they contain the content desired for ad placement and granular targeting is done using custom buckets.

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Make the Most of Increased Traffic During FIFA

200M Viewers

60% YT watch time

80% Dual Screening Viewers

Win your Audience’s Attention this FIFA Season