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Boost CTR and Expand Reach with Mirrors

Conventional targeting methods make it challenging for brands to reach their target audience effectively. Mirrors’ AI-powered technology fills these voids by analyzing the page's content in real-time and connecting contextual signals to serve personalized ads.

AI-Driven Technology

Mirrors deeply analyzes the page’s content to extract the most prominent data like faces, logos, activities, and more. The content is classified into IAB categories and custom segments are created to display the most relevant ads on that page.

Semantic Analysis

Mirrors perform semantic analysis over the page’s content to extract meaningful information like the user’s emotions and sarcastic behavior. This helps to display ads in semantically relevant environments, thus avoiding irrelevant and possibly damaging misplacement.

Dynamic Creative Ad Units

Silverpush’s dynamic creative ad units not only help brands deliver contextual ads but also create, distribute, and measure dynamic creative ads at scale. Brands can choose amongst 45+ ad creatives to produce large sets of ad formats within a short amount of time.

Brand Safety & Suitability for the OpenWeb

Mirrors’ custom targeting and exclusion themes technology prevent the display of ads on potentially harmful content (complying with GARM Brand Safety and Suitability framework) without over-blocking or limiting reach.

What Does This Mean For Your Brand?

Achieve a contextual layer on the OpenWeb and reach your audience on the fastest-growing platform with Mirrors.

Precise Content Curation

Ensures only content-aligned, high-performing, and brand-suitable videos pass through for final ad placement across the web.

Granular Targeting

Narrows affinity-based targeting to control who your ad reaches – while minimizing ad waste.

Higher Engagement

Ad alignment across relevant and high-performing content ensures your ad reaches your target audience in the desired environment.

Minimize Ad Wastage

Mirrors uses hyper-contextual technologies to target the correct audience in a cookie-less world, reducing ad waste and increasing yields.

Positive Brand Recall

Contextually relevant ads are less intrusive and more engaging, leading to positive brand recall, clicks, and views.

Data Privacy Compliance

Reach your most engaged audience, without relying on their personal data.