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Real-time moment marketing platform

Sync your advertising campaigns with a multitude of real-time live moments.

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Parallels seamlessly syncs social, display and video ads to real-life moments, enabling an enhanced connection with consumers around live events, as they happen.

Real-time TV ad sync

Real-time TV ad sync

Recapture audience attention and capitalize on cross-screen behaviour through real-time syncing of TV ads with digital ads on social, display and video platforms, across screens.

    • Sync digital ads with your TV ads
    • Target your competitor’s screen time
    • Leverage cross-screen behaviour
    • Use contextual messaging

Live sports sync

Live sports sync

Maximize brand exposure through real-time sporting events. Parallels automatically triggers digital ads based on live moments, runs contextual creatives, and syncs digital ad placement during TV commercials.

    • Leverage sports’ data API driven real-time triggers
    • Synchronize digital ads with own TV ads
    • Serve customers interested in global sports
    • Run contextual messages

Other event-based triggers

What this means for you

Parallels helps you run integrated campaigns across channels, contextualize messages to specific moments, and create measurable engagement

Integrated campaign

Syncs ads with real-time live moments across TV, social, display and video.

Leverage cross
screen behavior

Multi and cross screen usage is real. Sync digital ads with TVCs to grab audience attention.

Dynamic and custom
moment triggers

Capture more relevant moments for more relevant users, automatically.

The right connection,
in the moment

Let your campaigns form a stronger, real-time connection with the audience.


Run contextual messages and digital creatives for various live moments.

AI powered faster
time to market

Move away from manual targeting lists let our AI do that for you.

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Learn more on how Parallels creates a strong brand connect with your customers through real-life live moments.

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