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Our AI + human intelligence powered solutions are redefining the limits of contextual brand suitability for YouTube advertising.

[Survey] State of Brand Safety & Suitability in Video, 2020

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Context relevant video level targeting

We offer the world’s first in-video context detection solution, that identifies Celebrities, brands, objects, places, actions, on-screen text, and audio for a nuanced targeting at the video level.

Contextual brand safety

We enable custom targeting and exclusion themes and accurate identification of unsafe content across a comprehensive set of brand safety categories. Block unsafe ad placements pre-campaign, without over-blocking or killing reach.

Complete brand suitability

Ad alignment is calibrated on suitability through text & sentiment analysis, engagement metrics, and organic influence at video level.

Data driven ad performance

Ad alignment across relevant and high performing content leads to higher engagement and brand recall. Our precise targeting co-relates engagement metrics with context relevance, to target high performing & relevant videos only.

And, further relies on:

  • Multivariate testing to learn what resonates with your audience.
  • And, dynamic campaign delivery that automates and continually optimizes campaigns with real-time insights to avert ad waste.

Brands that have won with us

e.l.f. cosmetics partnered with Silverpush in a strategic move to engage multicultural consumers.

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What this means for you

Mirrors unlocks new ways to expand the scope of your video advertising campaigns and reach your most relevant customers, at the moment they are most likely to engage.

Precise content curation

Ensures only content aligned, high performing, and brand suitable videos pass through for final ad placement.

Granular targeting

Narrows affinity-based targeting to control who your ad reaches – while minimizing ad waste.

Higher engagement

Ad alignment across relevant and high performing content ensures your ad reaches your target audience in a desired environment.

Enhanced user experience

Users experience ads that are relevant to their current state of mind, leading to higher engagement.

Positive brand recall

Contextually relevant ads are less intrusive and more engaging, leading a more positive brand recall, clicks and views.

Data privacy compliance

Reach your most engaged audience, without collecting reams of personal data.