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Silverpush Secures Silver at MMA Global Smarties EMEA Awards for AI-Powered Inclusive Advertising

PUBLISH DATE: 15 December 2023

We’re thrilled to announce that Silverpush, in partnership with Wavemaker and E.L.F Cosmetics, has won a silver award in the Diversity and Inclusion category at the prestigious MMA Global Smarties EMEA Awards. 

Teaming up with Wavemaker, we embarked on an AI-powered journey to launch E.L.F’s advanced ‘Lash n Roll’ mascara product.

Campaign Objective:

The campaign aimed to elevate brand awareness and share of voice among diverse and inclusive consumers, specifically targeting GenZ and Millennial audiences and infiltrate culturally relevant platforms. However, affinity-based targeting relies on keyword mapping and often misses the mark, failing to reach truly diverse audiences. 

Our Solution – Precision Dynamics: Mirrors Unveil Diversity in YouTube Activation

In the AI Powered inclusive advertising campaign E.L.F partnered with Wavemaker & utilized Silverpush’s:
1) Mirrors: to leverage  AI-powered YouTube activation technology, ensuring high-impact E.L.F creatives & placement  within relevant videos.
2) Hyper-contextual targeting: Mirrors identified faces of celebrities and influencers, competitor brands, items, and actions specific to skincare for precise targeting. 

Results that Resonate

The success story unfolds with a spectacular 69% VCR, surpassing the benchmarks by 1.4 times! E.L.F Beauty witnessed an impressive 150% YOY growth from January to June 2023 and an astonishing 176% growth from April to June

Final thoughts: A Collective Appreciation 

Our heartfelt thanks go out to our partners, Wavemaker and E.L.F. Beauty, for their invaluable contributions. This success is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovative thinking, and a shared commitment to excellence in advertising. Let’s continue pushing boundaries and setting new standards together!