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Silverpush’s Consecutive Wins: A Strategic Journey with Shea Moisture in ‘We Are Hair’ Campaign

PUBLISH DATE: 15 December 2023

Silverpush has proudly secured two prestigious awards, Silver and Bronze at the Media Innovation Awards, for its outstanding “We Are Hair” campaign for Unilever Shea Moisture with PHD. The campaign excelled in the categories of Best Video Platform and Best Use of Technology, showcasing Silverpush’s expertise and innovation.

Campaign Objective

Shea Moisture, a renowned brand in natural hair and skincare, aimed to distinguish itself in a highly competitive market. Recognizing the challenges in the beauty industry, particularly for the Black community who spend 9 times more on hair care than any other ethnic group. Shea Moisture wanted a strategic approach to resonate with its core audience and solidify its position as a leader in the saturated market.

The campaign’s objective extended beyond brand awareness, focusing on driving interest, engagement, and loyalty among black millennial women searching for suitable products for their curly textured hair.

Our Approach

To achieve these goals, Shea Moisture partnered with PHD to leverage Silverpush’s AI-powered hyper contextual technology, Mirrors. Through audio-visual recognition, the next-gen AI technology identified BIPOC hair and beauty influencers, iconic figures, and even competitor product brands to ensure precise targeting and contextual alignment with the diverse needs of textured hair.

Our Results

The strategic use of audio visual recognition technology resulted in a remarkable 33% higher Viewability Completion Rate (VCR) than the beauty category standards. The precision of the advertising strategy also translated into a 5% uplift in branded searches, indicating increased interest and consideration among consumers. Furthermore, the campaign led to an 18% surge in website visitors, highlighting Shea Moisture’s tangible impact in reinforcing its position as a leading expert in the textured & curly hair space.

Final Thoughts

We share our heartfelt gratitude towards this award-winning campaign which stands an epitome of a strong partnership between Silverpush and Shea Moisture with PHD. By leveraging advanced technology and strategic targeting, we not only navigated the challenges of a competitive landscape but also emerged as leaders in providing tailored solutions.