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Silverpush Clinches Silver for the Best AI Implementation for Havells Lloyd AC Campaign

PUBLISH DATE: 14 December 2023
Silver for best AI

Silverpush has taken a giant leap forward in the world of marketing technology, claiming a prestigious Silver award in the “Best Use of AI” category at the Exchange4media MarTech Awards for their exceptional Havells Lloyd AC campaign. This victory is a testament to their unwavering commitment to innovation, but it also highlights the critical importance of collaboration in achieving marketing greatness.

Campaign Objective

In the fiercely competitive electronic market, where brands compete  for consumer attention, Lloyd, a renowned brand name in the electronic industry, set a clear objective: cut through the cluttered noise and amplify its share of voice.

Our Approach

We partnered with Motivator, to reach the audience at the right moment on YouTube. Mirrors, a cutting-edge AI technology scanned videos to extract context such as faces of brand ambassadors and tech influencers. Additionally, we identified brands of competitors along with relevant objects  and actions.  We went a step ahead and enhanced campaign performance by incorporating SEO-optimized keywords for precise targeting. 

Adhering to the GARM framework and implementing custom exclusion themes ensured ads were strategically placed on suitable content.

Award-Winning Results

The campaign achieved a resounding success, reaching a massive audience of 7.7 million. Utilizing vernacular creatives, the brand effectively communicated its message to the target audience, resulting in an impressive 44% completion view rate, surpassing the benchmark by 125%, and an outstanding viewability rate of 95%.

Final Thoughts

By deploying contextual ads as a mid-funnel marketing strategy, Lloyd AC not only reached relevant consumers at the opportune moment but also navigated intense competition, forging a deeper connection with its audience. This award-winning campaign stands as a testament to the power of innovation and strategic partnerships in the dynamic landscape of advertising. We share our heartfelt gratitude to Motivator and Llyod for the immense support during the campaign.