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Silverpush Secures Bronze at Marketing Excellence Awards 2023: Celebrating Innovation and Success

PUBLISH DATE: 14 December 2023
Bronze Award at MEA without award

Silverpush is elated to share the joy of being honored with the Bronze award at the esteemed Marketing Excellence Awards 2023 in Indonesia, hosted by Marketing Interactive Asia. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of the advertising industry. 

Together, we embarked on a journey to redefine the digital presence of Wyeth S-26 Procal Ultima through the incredible campaign, ‘Together We Are Unstoppable,’ in collaboration with Dentsu & Nestlé powered by our cutting-edge Mirrors AI technology

Campaign Objective: Digital Presence with Privacy in Mind

Wyeth S-26 Procal Ultima’s objective was clear – to amplify its digital presence and market share while prioritizing user privacy. In the highly competitive growing-up milk category, navigating the cookieless phase presented unique challenges. Cookieless targeting in a competitive market space makes it difficult to effectively reach the target audience 

Our Approach: Mirrors AI Technology

For this campaign, Nestlé Partnered with Dentsu Indonesia & leveraged Silverpush’s next gen AI-powered hyper-contextual technology-
Mirrors. By identifying key context & analyzing Youtube videos for cues, it extracted relevant context to identify key moments for ads targeting parents and new moms. Ad placement followed the GARM framework and utilized custom exclusion themes to ensure alignment with suitable content. 

Award-Winning Results:

The impact of the campaign was nothing short of extraordinary. The campaign reached over 10 million women, the growth metrics spoke volumes – a remarkable 27% increase YTD June 2023 and a notable +2% boost in brand imagery for A2 Milk.

Final Thoughts: A Collective Triumph

Silverpush acknowledges and expresses sincere gratitude to our partners, Dentsu and Nestlé, for their invaluable contributions. This success stands as a testament towards our collaborative synergy. Together, we remain dedicated to upholding standards of advertising excellence and pioneering innovative solutions.