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Double Glory – Silverpush’s Winning Streak at MMA Impact Indonesia Clinching 2 Bronze Awards

PUBLISH DATE: 13 December 2023
Bronze Award for EUDG

Silverpush recently witnessed the triumph of MMA, a prestigious platform honoring the most effective modern marketing efforts. Recognized for pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity, it secured not one but two coveted bronze awards at the MMA Impact Indonesia. The awards celebrate exceptional collaborations that leverage technology to drive groundbreaking approaches in modern marketing.

Silverpush, in collaboration with Unilever and Mindshare Indonesia, showcased its prowess in two distinct yet equally impactful campaigns. For the EUDG (Every U Does Good) Campaign, we won a bronze award in the “Social Impact Marketing” category and for the Feast Pop Campaign in “Real-Time Marketing”. 

EUDG Campaign – Social Impact Marketing

Campaign Objective
The objective of this campaign was to reach the audience at maximum scale and create a lasting impact, while facing a challenge lay in avoiding ad spillage and random ad placement, which posed a significant brand safety concern.

Our Approach
To magnify the positive impact of the campaign, Unilever partnered with Mindshare to leverage Silverpush’s AI-powered tech:
1) Mirrors identified faces of celebrities supporting social initiatives and brands of social welfare brands.
2) Through Parallels, Unilever utilized real-time ad sync technology by Silverpush. Unilever’s EUDG digital ad campaign was triggered whenever their own ads or competitor ads appeared on TV screens.

Award winning Results
The EUDG Campaign recorded phenomenal results, boasting an 8% sales uplift in e-commerce, a 4.4% increase in brand ad recall, 3.3% growth in awareness, and a remarkable 22% uplift in sustainability scores. Additionally, achieving 1.8 times higher VTR than the set benchmark and being 1.9 times more effective in driving audience interaction showcased the campaign’s resounding success.

The Feast Pop Campaign – Real Time Marketing

Campaign Objective
In the Feast Pop Campaign, the goal was to stand out in the saturated landscape of World Cup broadcasts and reach consumers without directly competing during live matches. 

Our Approach
In the Feast Pop Campaign, Walls partnered with Mindshare Indonesia & utilized Silverpush’s
1) Mirrors to identified key contexts across YouTube for World Cup match footage, identifying triggers like famous footballers’ faces and key match actions.
2) Customized creatives were strategically tailored to align with different World Cup moments, ensuring a profound impact on consumers.

Award Winning Results
Feast Pop’s Real-Time Marketing Campaign reached over 7 million users with a CTR of 0.31%, surpassing industry benchmarks by 1.5 times. The micro-specific creatives achieved a CVR of 94%, and Wall’s brand power index saw significant increases in imagery and penetration.

Final Thoughts

Silverpush extends heartfelt thanks to Mindshare and Unilever for their visionary partnership in these groundbreaking campaigns. “Two is better than One” has never rung truer, as Silverpush continues to lead the way in transforming marketing landscapes through cutting-edge technology and strategic collaborations.