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Johnson’s Baby converts the impact of competitor TV presence into top-of-mind awareness for its new product launch.


To launch the new variant, "Milk & Oats" of Johnson's Baby Lotion and generate Top-of-mind-awareness for the brand amongst Thailand Audience.


The product launch was scheduled during winters in Thailand, when users are already conditioned to the idea of moisturizes & are actively seeking for the product. The TV media space is thus, immensely populated with multiple brand messages. Recall of newer products is faint & diluted with over powering TV ads from other brands.


To counter this the brand leveraged the TV to digital transference impact spawned by competition TV ads to capture the multi-screening audiences with active digital communication in real time on popular digital channels like Facebook, Instagram and GDN; reinforcing the brand’s message via effective exposures. To make the digital media plan meaningful, it was important to reach the right audience. A survey campaign to understand the user behavior aided the brand to recognize potential users.


Survey results helped brand optimize their cross-screen marketing campaign and Silverpush TV attribution technology aided brand in learning about second screen behavior, thereby improving on their digital KPIs.

The campaign unlocked a whole new set of audiences who weren’t exposed to any ad within the Lotions category. Thus, giving Johnson’s Baby a 1st mover advantage in creating an impact on these users.

Users Aware of Competition brand ads only, reduced from 41% in controlled group to 31% in the interacted group. Thus, eating into the Digital share of voice, Johnsons’ Baby increased its brand recall.