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Silverpush Enables Real-Time Syncing of Offline Events with Digital Ads

PUBLISH DATE: 29 April 2019

Silverpush’s technology enables brands to connect with consumers via physical events syncing.

Silverpush’s innovative moment marketing technology has opened new doors for brands to communicate their messages to consumers. Silverpush effectively syncs TV ads, current trends, weather updates and pollution levels with digital ads on social media platforms.

For instance, Silverpush enables brands to deliver their messages on the users’ smartphones in real time right when a significant moment occurs during a major sporting event such as a catch during an IPL match. Another example that can be cited here is of promoting a brand selling air purifiers. When the pollution level is at its peak during the day, Silverpush’s technology can display ads of that brand’s air purifiers on the consumers’ smartphones.

Silverpush was founded in 2012 by Hitesh Chawla. Its innovative moment marketing and in-video contextual targeting solutions enable brands to maximize their outreach and boost user engagement. Silverpush claims to be first in the world to provide computer vision powered in-video contextual advertising solution.

Silverpush recently received $5 million from Japan-based FreakOut Holdings in Series B funding. For the Lok Sabha election, Congress leveraged Silverpush’s advertising technology for running its social media campaign.

Silverpush’s products are revolutionizing the advertising industry. Mirrors effectively captures an online viewer’s interest right at the time he is actively engaging with the video content and serve him the relevant ad in real time. For instance, a person is watching an online video featuring Spider-Man, Mirrors will identify the Spider-Man character and show him an ad of a Spider-Man t-shirt.

Silverpush’s advertising solutions do not track users directly or indirectly and do not breach users’ privacy. It has completely abandoned its controversial audio beacon model. The company has now developed its own product dashboard that works by tracking TV ads on two-hundred channels.

Besides India, Silverpush has more than a thousand clients spanning many countries including Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and South Africa, among others. Its list of clients is expanding and includes Unilever, Nissan and Coca Cola, to name a few.

In December 2018, a patent was filed by Silverpush to authenticate that it just takes between 0.6 to 1 second for it to identify TV ads across channels. Conventional methods take at least 7 seconds for detection.

SilverPush’s agency model functions by purchasing media for clients and then optimizing on the basis of cost per thousand impressions. “We are growing 100 per cent year-on-year and for the past two years, and this year, too, we plan to achieve the same,” said Chawla. Regarding its competitors developing similar products, Chawla added – “Our AI learning and identification will be so robust by then, that it will take a long time for competitors to match its accuracy.”

The company is present in many countries across the globe and is planning to launch its solutions in the U.S. and the UK to further strengthen its presence in the international market.