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Silverpush Expands its Presence in Southeast Asia

PUBLISH DATE: 04 September 2018

Silverpush, a leading marketing technology provider, has today announced that it will expand its presence in the Southeast Asian region in order to strengthen its position in the Southeast Asian market.

This move will mark the first part of the company’s 2018 expansion plan. Kartik Mehta, Silverpush’s Chief Revenue Officer, will lead the business in the new market.

Silverpush was founded in 2012 by Hitesh Chawla. Its digital advertising solutions helps brands to increase their audience reach and engagement to achieve their marketing and advertising objectives. SilverPush‘s TV sync and moment marketing technology helps brands to capitalize in consumers’ multi-screen behavior.

Before the dominance of the smartphones, TV enjoyed the position of primary medium used by advertisers in Southeast Asian region. But now, as people are increasingly using smartphones, even while watching TV, brands are required to engage users across multiple platforms. Silverpush TV sync and moment marketing platform enables brands to reach out to consumers on their smartphones at the right time and in right context. Silverpush is also credited with the launch of India’s first mobile demand side platform (DSP) in 2014.

With its office in India, and now in Singapore, Silverpush currently has clients in Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia. It has delivered successful campaigns for both regional and international brands such as Unilab, Coca-Cola and Ford, among others.

Kartik Mehta, Chief Revenue Officer at Silverpush, said – “Siverpush’s further expansion into Southeast Asia is to help more brands operating in there to reach their multi-screening customers more effectively via their real-time platform. With one of the world’s highest internet and mobile penetration rates, in addition to brands’ investment on TV in the region, the Southeast Asian market has become our biggest priority.

“Since 2016, we’ve helped to bridge the customer journey of brand engagement between TV, search, social media and mobile platforms. We aim to further develop our real-time solutions going beyond TV to more contextual formats to help raise audience engagements for established and emerging brands operating within Southeast Asia.”

Silverpush received Pre-Series A funding of $2.5 million in 2015 and is looking forward to expand into both mature and emerging markets across the globe.