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Mirrors’ AI technology enables contextual ads to run programmatically on premium CTV inventory.

Content Object Signals

Increasing transparency and driving more ad spend towards CTV through content object signals (basic content ID number, episode number, series title) outlined in the IAB’s OpenRTB specifications.

Brand Safety Enabled on CTV Data

We are pioneers in ensuring brand safety and suitability on CTV. Our cutting-edge video & CTV solutions aim to provide better digital ad capabilities for publishers on CTVs, allowing for consistent planning and measurement across platforms while improving viewer experience.

Boost the Brand's Ad Performance

Engage with multiple audiences at once without relying on cookies. Mirrors gathers vital audience data to generate buyer personas and produce advertising that increases interaction with the target demographics.

Ad Placement on Premium Video Inventory

Silverpush and IRIS TV's collaboration will help target relevant and brand-safe video content on IRIS-enabled premium publishers. Mirrors' AI technology performs frame-by-frame analysis and segments the video data available from the inventory for further programmatic targeting on CTV.

Why should you work with us?

With brands planning significant increases in their CTV ad budget in 2023, it is essential to transition to a contextual solution that extends your reach beyond linear TV.

Cookie-less Experience

Advertising on CTV does not require cookies to identify and target audiences.

Boost Ad Engagement

Helping brands reach audiences where they are already consuming content.

Premium CTV Inventory

Helping brands reach their audience on CTV devices through premium, ad-supported shows provided by IRIS TV

Deliver Ads on the Big Screen

Scale around brand-suitable CTV data to deliver informed campaign strategy decisions

Granular Targeting

Narrows affinity-based targeting to control who your ad reaches – while minimizing ad waste.

Make the Most of CTV

Reach customers on the fastest-growing platform (CTV) without compromising media quality standards.

Data privacy compliance

Reach your most engaged audience, without collecting reams of personal data.

Positive brand recall

Contextually relevant ads are less intrusive and more engaging, leading to positive brand recall, clicks, and views.