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Influencer Marketing Meets Adtech

PUBLISH DATE: 18 July 2022

The business of influencer marketing is expected to grow at a CAGR of about 25% in the next five years. However, neither the brands nor the agencies have been able to implement ‘hygienic influencing’ campaigns for broader awareness. In today’s time, there are many new innovative ad-etch startups are coming which are investing heavily in social media marketing via influencers and content creators.

Like startups, many brands and agencies as well are exploring the various possibilities of targeting direct business and revenue results via marketing. Digital marketing is a highly competitive world, and every brand needs sales for survival, this is a fact. Thus, be it Instagram Shops or YouTube’s shoppable ads, social media has become a go to ‘shopping experience’ for consumers and for retail brands, it has become a ‘point of sales’. The world of influencer marketing has witnessed drastic changes over the last few years.

Some of the best things happen when emotional intelligence of a human and tech-enabled experiences cross the path. One of the trending examples of influencer marketing is shoppable ads and live-commerce. Content creators bring the emotional appeal, the social media is used a platform to upscale the technology to provide best experience for the brands, consumers and creators.

Programmatic ads have emerged to be one of the most preferred technology solution for the brands to achieve quick and scalable results. AI-driven influencer marketing platforms allows integration of ‘programmatic influencer marketing’ service. This reduce manual labour, scale the brand’s reach and sales, and speed up the entire programmatic branded influencer marketing process.

However, it comes with few challenges. With introduction of tech in influencer marketing, the content creators have now the pressure to persuade to click. As it is the content that ultimately leads to clicks, influencers will face the biggest challenge for creative content creation.

The social platforms are constantly evolving to provide direct sales opportunities, it becomes crucial for influencers, marketing managers, and brands to understand and maintain the correlation between content, clicks and conversions. Irrespective of how advance adtech gets, the ultimate push factor for influencer marketing will be persuasive content.