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Silverpush Wins Bronze with Heinz at MMA SMARTIES MENA 2024 for Real-Time Marketing

PUBLISH DATE: 06 June 2024
Silverpush Wins Bronze with Heinz at MMA SMARTIES MENA 2024 for Real-Time Marketing

We are thrilled to announce that Silverpush with Heinz Africa & FZE in collaboration with Carat received a bronze award for the campaign “Heinz and Silverpush Win The Slowest Race With AI” under the Impact Category: Real-Time Marketing at the MMA Smarties MENA Awards 2024.

The campaign aimed to highlight the unique characteristic of Heinz Ketchup Slow master 57—its slow perfection—by engaging the most receptive audience during the highly anticipated Formula 1 race in the UAE, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2023.

Heinz teamed up with Silverpush to utilize Parallels Sports Sync, a cutting-edge AI-powered technology that leverages real-time sports data to deliver digital ads to viewers on various social platforms and devices, triggered by live sports events.

For this campaign, the sports sync technology tracked down F1’s slowest moments – pit stops, the last driver to finish and sync ads precisely during these specific moments. Thus, creating a synergy between Heinz ketchup’s slow flow and the slowest F1 moments.

Additionally, the advanced AI technology also deployed a series of creatives on high-tech platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.

The campaign exceeded expectations, delivering exceptional results. Key achievements include:

  • 142% uplift in Video Completion Rate (VTR)
  • 3.4X increase in Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • 40% increase in ad engagement rate
  • 20.4% increase in followers

We are immensely proud of this award-winning campaign, which stands as a testament to the strong partnership between Heinz, Silverpush, and Carat. Together, we have set a new benchmark for brands looking to leverage technology to achieve excellence in moment marketing and sports sync.

Silverpush Wins at MMA SMARTIES MENA 2024