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Cannes 2024 Recap: Silverpush Takes AI Discussions to the French Riviera |   27 Jun, 2024

As Cannes 2024 concludes, the echoes of vibrant discussions, insightful panels, and significant meetings continue to resonate. This year’s central theme was clear: AI’s growing dominance in advertising solutions, optimizing campaigns for business outcomes, and reaching audiences effectively across various screens.

With videos becoming increasingly digital, the potential for more addressable and measurable outcomes is here. This means our industry must collectively break free from the outdated legacy mindset and embrace all the insights and AI-powered solutions now available to us.

Here’s a recap of the highlights from Silverpush’s time at Cannes Lions 2024.

VideoWeek Futurescape: The AI Era

VideoWeek Futurescape The AI Era 2024

Futurescape was a new event launched in partnership with Future Week, VideoWeek’s sister publication. The latent potential for AI to disrupt media and advertising is overwhelming to even the most seasoned AI expert.

The week began with an enlightening fireside chat on harnessing AI for success in video media buying, featuring Liz Duff from Total Media, Paul Briggs from Silverpush, and Natasha Wallace from Jellyfish. The discussion highlighted the importance of AI in video and media buying, having humans in the loop for ensuring fair and ethical advertising, and more. This event honed in on the disruption to the creative industries in advertising and the impact on media production.

“AI has made significant strides in the past 1-2 years, enabling contextual solutions and allowing for the scalable targeting of videos using computer vision metrics. It’s quite exciting to be in this space” – Paul Briggs, SVP Europe, Silverpush

VideoWeek Horizons: Transforming Media Content Creation with LLMs

Mr. Hitesh Chawla, CEO of Silverpush VideoWeek Discussion 2024

VideoWeek Horizons brought together key leaders in Video & CTV Advertising to connect and identify opportunities over the coming year.

Mr. Hitesh Chawla, CEO of Silverpush, discussed how AI, especially generative AI and large language models (LLMs), is revolutionizing media content creation. He emphasized how training powerful AI models with relevant information can generate human-like text, translate languages & write different types of creative content.

Silverpush’s innovative AI solutions have been helping brands reach their most relevant audience in the right context at the right moment. The next-gen AI solution processes content via AI to build better data around what was happening inside a video and deploy ads.

He also emphasized the continuous advancements in generative AI, the need for integrated conversations between creative and media teams, and the importance of leveraging data-driven insights to enhance campaign effectiveness and audience engagement.

“With so much advancement continuing in generative AI and large language models (LLMs), a huge excitement is natural.

Agencies now have been adapting to test and learn to a greater degree, with so many amazing new tech partners bringing fresh opportunities and insights.

And finally, creative and media still need to be more siloed on the agency side. There is great work on both sides being created in a vacuum.” – Hitesh Chawla, CEO, Silverpush

Beet.Tv: Global Leadership Summit – All Things AI

Exploring How LLMs are Driving AI Innovation in Advertising

Beet.Tv Global Leadership Summit 2024

At the Global Leadership Summit, Hitesh Chawla presented how Large Language Models (LLMs) have transformed the digital advertising processes. He noted that LLMs have revolutionized content creation, audience targeting, and creativity in campaigns, significantly enhancing how advertisers search, create, and automate tasks.

The Future of Video Media Buying: Harnessing AI for Success

Beet.TV Cannes 2024 Future of Video Media Buying

In another notable presentation, Kyle Waxman, EVP of North America at Silverpush, explored the future of video media buying. He emphasized how AI can drive success in media buying by enabling precise targeting, optimizing outcomes, and transforming traditional processes.

Cannes 2024 showcased how AI is not just a futuristic concept but a present-day reality reshaping the advertising landscape. The emphasis was on leveraging AI to drive meaningful and measurable outcomes, promising a more connected and efficient future for the industry.

Match Night BBQ: England vs Denmark

Silverpush hosted a BBQ for the England vs Denmark group to close out the Cannes week as part of UEFA Euro 2024.

The event combined sports and networking, offering attendees a relaxed setting to unwind and connect. The thrilling game, a BBQ spread, and engaging conversations about AI’s role in advertising made it a memorable evening.

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