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Grab Consumer Attention With Contextual Advertsing During March Madness |   14 Feb, 2024

Grab Consumer Attention during March Madness

In the dynamic landscape of modern advertising, strategic brand placement is essential for capturing the attention of vast audiences. One such golden opportunity lies within the fervor and excitement of March Madness, a premier collegiate basketball tournament that captivates the attention of millions of Americans each year.

According to reports, the advertising landscape during March Madness is marked by substantial investments, with spot prices ranging from hundreds of thousands of dollars in the early stages to over $2 million for the NCAA Championship. The statistics speak volumes about the unique advertising environment presented by March Madness.

Did you know that 41% of March Madness viewers checked ad-addressable websites, most visiting new sites (Source: kortx.io).

An Overview of the March Madness Audience

In 2023 14.69 Million viewers tuned in and March Madness emerged as a prime platform for advertisers seeking to make a significant impact.

  • March Madness programming captures the attention of 65% of households, with an average viewing time of 9.25 hours per household throughout the tournament.
  • Ads during March Madness reach 245% more households per commercial compared to ads in other programming. (Source: effectv)
  • Streaming viewership on networks airing March Madness increased by 86% during the tournament compared to the preceding period.
  • 66% of these fans have agreed they take action after seeing a brand’s sponsorship as they are watching their favorite team play. (Source: adweek)

Targeting an Enviable Audience: WalletHub reports that approximately 73% of March Madness viewers also tune in to local news, with almost half boasting a household income exceeding $100,000, and 51% falling within the 25 to 54 age range.

Maximizing Exposure: The tournament, spanning from Selection Sunday to the championship game, offers advertisers the opportunity to achieve high frequency and exposure, reaching a distinctive audience over a three-week period.

Elevate Creativity: Given the grand stage, generic creativity won’t suffice. Industry leaders have emphasized the importance of standing out, especially with such a discerning audience, for optimal advertising impact.


Elevate Your Video Game with Dynamic Video Ads During March Madness!

March Madness stands out as a premier sporting spectacle each year, drawing an ever-growing viewership as the tournament unfolds. Whether you missed a game, sought exclusive interviews, or craved expert predictions, the go-to platform for all things March Madness is YouTube.

In the previous year, the final four rounds of the tournament amassed a staggering 3 million hours of viewership on YouTube. However, it’s not just tournament content that attracts viewers; a Google survey revealed that March Madness fans exhibit a staggering 16x higher likelihood of watching sports news-related videos compared to the average YouTube user.

Delving deeper into the viewership patterns, advertisers and marketers are recognizing the unique opportunities presented by March Madness enthusiasts. A recent study discovered that these fans are 10 times more likely to engage with videos centered around athletic shoes, making them a highly lucrative audience for sports brands.

Beyond the tournament highlights and post-game interviews, March Madness fans exhibit a penchant for diverse sports content on YouTube. The same study highlighted that these fans are 13 times more likely to consume videos related to sports coaching and training compared to the average YouTube viewer. This presents a valuable opportunity for brands aiming to contextually target athletes or sports aficionados.

Contextual targeting, hinging on intent-based targeting, allows advertisers to align their content with users’ specific interests, elevating the probability of a positive response. According to recent findings, consumers targeted at the contextual level are 83% more likely to recommend the advertised product or service compared to those targeted at the audience or channel level. This underscores the importance of reaching consumers in the right mindset at the opportune moment, enhancing ad resonance and subsequently boosting purchase intent.

Source: thinkwithgoogle

How Silverpush’s Advanced Contextual Solution Can Help Brands?

Silverpush-advanced- contextual-solution-to-help-advertisers-reach-March-Madness-fan

Silverpush is at the forefront of guiding brands through the landscape of contextual advertising with its cutting-edge AI technology, “Mirrors“. This revolutionary platform is reshaping YouTube advertising by seamlessly integrating AI capabilities with human expertise, creating a foundation for ethical, fair, and transparent ad placements.

Intelligent Contextual Targeting

Mirrors employs advanced AI technology, particularly the Context Detection model, to identify key contextual elements within videos. This includes faces, logos, objects, actions, text, and audio. This thorough analysis ensures a nuanced understanding of the content context.

Additionally, Mirrors utilizes a Language Detection model, enabling it to comprehend slang, dialects, and cultural nuances. This linguistic proficiency enhances accurate context analysis, providing advertisers with a deeper understanding of the content they associate their brands with.

Intelligent contextual targeting for March Madness

Brand Safety & Suitability

Mirrors place a strong emphasis on brand safety and suitability. It utilizes custom Inclusion & Exclusion themes to further enhance the suitability of ad placements.

Covering all 12 GARM (Global Alliance for Responsible Media) categories, Mirrors classifies content into three risk levels: Low, Medium, and High. This comprehensive approach ensures smart optimization by avoiding over-blocking through intelligent risk balancing and advanced filtering mechanisms.

Human Augmented Filter

Mirrors combine AI efficiency with human oversight through a meticulous Human Augmented Filter. This dual-layered approach helps in full-proofing AI-extracted contexts, ensuring that ads align with the latest best practices.

The human element in the filtering process allows advertisers to stay current with industry trends, regulations, and ethical considerations. It acts as an additional layer of assurance, providing a dynamic and responsive framework for contextual advertising.

 This March Madness Capture More Attention for Your Brand

Download Infographic


In the realm of sports events, every match is an opportunity to plant the seeds of brand recognition. Silverpush provides the tools to maximize this opportunity, offering advertisers the chance to sow the seeds of higher ROI and reap the fruits later.

Get in touch with our team today to learn how targeting YouTube categories like March Madness could be the ideal fit for your ads.

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