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Fall Weather and the Consumer: Drive Ad Campaigns for Seasonal Success |   16 Nov, 2023

Weather has the most profound impact on the consumer. Every buying decision depends on the temperature. If the temperature drops it changes a person’s decision about what they wear, what they will eat, the places to visit, and even the mode of transport. According to a study by the British Retail Consortium (BRC), consumer behavior is notably influenced by weather as the second most significant factor, following the economic conditions.

Interestingly, advertisers are aware of this impact and are finding every possible way to make the most out of this impact. The weather-forecasting has become a multi-billion dollar business. A temperature rise of 15 degrees Celsius within a week corresponds to a 24% surge in the sales of air conditioners and an 11% increase in suncare product sales. Conversely, a 15-degree Celsius temperature drop over the same period results in a 15% uptick in the sales of portable heaters.

Weather is the driving force behind a consumer’s decision! So, whether you’re a small local shop or a multinational corporation, reaching your audience effectively to make the most out of this fall season becomes more important than ever.

Significance of Weather Targeting in Sales Strategies

Weather is a crucial yet often underestimated factor in the sales process. Here are some compelling reasons why advertisers should integrate weather-based advertising into their strategies:

Impact on Buying Patterns:

Consideration of seasonal triggers is vital for effective advertising. For instance, in June, sales of items like beer, suntan lotion, and deodorant see a notable increase. Adjusting media budgets during such periods allows companies to capitalize on these changing shopping behaviors. Conversely, businesses focusing on products like baking mixes, warm apparel, or batteries should enhance advertising efforts from November onward, anticipating an uptick in sales during this time.

Mood Influence:

Weather significantly affects consumer moods at the onset of each new season. Generally, consumers exhibit a sense of optimism, leading to increased spending. Notably, 21% of surveyed individuals express excitement about updating their wardrobe with the arrival of fall, with Gen Z showing an even higher percentage at 39%. (Source: IBM)

Impact on Shopping Preferences:

Weather plays a crucial role in determining how consumers choose to engage with brands. For instance, on hot summer days, shoppers may prefer going to air-conditioned malls for purchases. Conversely, snowy winter days might prompt consumers to opt for online shopping to avoid inclement weather. Advertisers can align their strategies accordingly to boost sales, whether in-person or online.

Small Temperature Changes, Big Results:

Even slight weather variations can have a substantial impact on sales. A minor temperature drop can prompt people to reach for coats and indulge in hot cocoa. Conversely, in certain regions, a 60-degree day after a long winter may feel warm, leading to increased sales of items like ice cream in anticipation of spring.

Understanding and leveraging these weather-related nuances can significantly enhance the effectiveness of advertising strategies.

When Should your Brand Launch Fall Campaigns?

Rather than relying solely on calendars or historical data, leveraging weather forecasts becomes a valuable predictor for anticipating the onset of fall buying behaviors. According to a survey, 65% of individuals make seasonal adjustments based on the perceived weather conditions, presenting a crucial marketing touchpoint when consumers are most receptive to influence.

Identifying the commencement of autumn is complex, influenced by regional disparities and evolving global weather patterns. As 65 degrees feels distinct in Miami compared to Minneapolis, capturing the moment when individuals embrace fall attire becomes challenging.

Implementing a robust predictive and real-time weather strategy allows savvy brands to enter the market precisely when consumers embrace fall-like temperatures. Here are three essential weather strategies for brands this fall:

1. Timing is Everything

Weather significantly influences consumption habits, especially during seasons featuring distinctive and fleeting flavors like apple, cinnamon, and pumpkin spice. A study found that 53% of people are more likely to choose a product when its campaign aligns with local weather conditions. A global coffeehouse brand effectively utilized fall weather vibes, dynamically aligning its seasonal pumpkin-spiced beverage with real-time weather conditions. The campaign employed weather triggers such as the onset of fall, outdoor activities, and cold, sunny weather, resulting in increased brand preference by 13% and purchase intent by 8% among key audiences.

2. Be the Antidote to Seasonal Allergies

Approximately 70% of consumers check the weather forecast weekly to manage their health, with a significant focus on seasonal allergies. Recognizing that weather patterns affect allergy sufferers whose symptoms start earlier and last longer, an allergy brand employed high-impact dynamic creative and Weather Targeting. The creative was strategically served when optimal conditions for exacerbated symptoms were present, leading to an 11.2% increase in aided awareness, an 11.4% rise in favorability, a 50% increase in click-through rate (CTR), and a 9.5% boost in purchase intent.

3. Turn Party Goers into Patrons

With fall being a season of gatherings due to back-to-school, sports events, and holidays, there’s a prime opportunity to build customer preference.

In summary, incorporating these weather-driven strategies can enhance brand visibility, relevance, and consumer engagement during the fall season.

Put Fall Weather Strategies to Your Advantage

As the fall season progresses, brands must adopt a dynamic weather strategy that aligns with shifting consumer preferences, enabling the creation of compelling advertising campaigns tailored to the autumn ambiance. Forward-thinking companies are collaborating with Mirrors by Silverpush to identify relevant moments, forecast consumer sentiments, preferences, and purchasing behaviors.

Explore our comprehensive range of solutions and Contact us to get a brief on our complete portfolio of offerings.

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