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Migrate from Oracle to Silverpush: Unlock Advanced Contextual Advertising Solutions |   05 Jul, 2024

Migrate from Oracle to Silverpush

The news that Oracle plans to shut down its advertising business by the end of September has sent shockwaves through the ad industry. Once the most prominent advertising data seller in the market, Oracle is now closing its advertising division. This included Datalogix for offline consumer data, Grapeshot for contextual targeting, Moat’s measurement and verification, and the BlueKai audience marketplace.

Silverpush understands that the closure of Oracle’s advertising division has led to several hundred layoffs. Moreover, the sudden loss of a major platform for ad placement and data services has created a challenging time for advertisers and publishers alike.

This disruption forces them to quickly find alternative solutions, potentially leading to increased costs, reduced reach, and delays in their advertising strategies. The uncertainty and need for rapid adjustment can strain their resources and impact their overall marketing effectiveness.

However, this brings a bright opportunity for the advertisers to test more robust contextual advertising strategies and for the ​​ad tech companies to fill Oracle’s void after the shutdown.

Migrating from Oracle’s Grapeshot to Mirrors by Silverpush

Advertisers are now exploring new alternatives and discovering numerous opportunities to implement more robust contextual strategies. Although transitioning from Oracle’s Grapeshot advertising to another ad tech solution can be challenging, we are here to support you every step of the way. Silverpush views this as an opportunity for advertisers to conduct extensive testing with us, enabling the creation of more effective media strategies that drive tangible business results.

Silverpush, a global leader in adtech, has consistently pushed the boundaries of contextual advertising. Headquartered in Singapore, the company boasts a robust worldwide presence with over 250+ employees and operations in 20+ countries.

Recognized for its cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, Silverpush has earned several industry accolades, including the Best AI Platform Award and the Most Innovative Company Award. Our recent expansion strategy focuses on enhancing our AI capabilities and extending our market reach in APAC, the US, and Europe to ensure we continue providing top-tier service to our clients.

Take a Closer Look at Mirrors by Silverpush

Mirrors is a custom-built proprietary AI solution that is tailored specifically for contextual targeting in digital advertising. Its multimodal AI models can dig deeper than just video metadata. They take into account a range of factors including video transcriptions, visuals, channel details, the past content history of creators, and their presence across the web.

What Does It Do?

  1. Intelligent Contextual Targeting: Identifies hyper-relevant contexts aligned with brand goals/objectives.
  2. Custom video lineup: Tailored video-level targeting, offering fully customizable lineups for campaigns, scalable to highly engaged audiences for optimized CPMs.
  3. AI Prompts: Optimizing CTAs Language processing models and vast knowledge create compelling dynamic CTAs that grab your audience’s attention and drive better consideration.
  4. Real-Time Actionable Insights at Your Fingertips: Comprehensive dashboard with real-time tracking and in-depth analytics with actionable insights to maximize your ROI.
  5. Identify Made for Kids Content: The advanced AI technology categorizes videos intended for children using the Kids content classification model. Custom Inclusion & Exclusion themes further enhance suitability.
  6. Cookieless Targeting Solution: Reach your target audience without invading their privacy.

For more information on how mirrors can be a game changer for your next advertising campaign, fill out the form.

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