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HER – Silverpush Celebrates Women on IWD 2024 |   08 Mar, 2024


At Silverpush, we’re privileged to have numerous talented women leading the charge, shaping the future of our company and the industry as a whole. In honor of International Women’s Day, we’d like to spotlight a few of these exceptional leaders and hear about their experiences navigating a predominantly male-centric industry. We also want to glean insights from their journeys and seek advice on inspiring the upcoming generation to embrace technology and drive innovation forward.

Empowering Reflection: Advice for Aspiring Women Leaders from a Career Journey

Shivika Wadhawan AGM – Finance. “Looking back on my career journey, especially as a woman striving for leadership in finance, I’d tell my younger self to place greater emphasis on cultivating a strong professional network. Networking isn’t just about exchanging business cards—it’s about forging meaningful connections that can propel your career forward. It’s in these relationships that you’ll find invaluable support, guidance, and mentorship.

Moreover, I’d stress the significance of self-advocacy. Instead of waiting for acknowledgment, be proactive in highlighting your accomplishments and contributions. Believe in your abilities and make sure others recognize your value too.

These pieces of advice aren’t just about career progression; they’re about empowerment and self-belief. Embrace networking and self-advocacy as tools to carve your path to success, knowing that you deserve every opportunity that comes your way.”

As a leader and a woman, what message of hope and inspiration would you like to share with all women on International Women’s Day?

We’re extraordinary beings, capable of achieving greatness through our intellect and resilience. By shattering stereotypes, we’ve etched our mark in this world. In moments of adversity, let our strength be our guiding light, for as the saying goes, “Defeat is not in falling, but in refusing to rise again.”

Let’s not only stand strong individually but also uplift each other as we journey towards progress and equality. Together, let’s forge ahead with unwavering determination and unwavering support, knowing that our collective strength knows no bounds.

#InspireInclusion: Empowering Women for a Brighter Tomorrow

Mansi Matela, Chief Product Officer, Silverpush. “I am deeply moved by the profound significance of this year’s International Women’s Day theme: “Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress.” It’s a testament to our collective journey toward gender equality and empowerment. We’ve witnessed remarkable strides, notably with the representation of women in tech companies now exceeding 35%. It’s a testament to the resilience and talent of women breaking barriers and pushing boundaries.

Yet, as we celebrate these victories, we must acknowledge the considerable distance still ahead, especially in achieving equitable opportunities for women to advance in their careers. The corporate ladder remains a steep climb for many, often hindered by systemic barriers and biases.

In this moment, I implore each of us to dig deep and embrace unwavering self-belief. Let’s commit ourselves to continuous growth, constantly refining our skills and seizing every opportunity to learn and evolve. But let’s not walk this path alone; let’s extend our hands to uplift and empower one another, creating a supportive community where every woman’s success is celebrated as our own.

So here’s to all the incredible women out there—Happy Women’s Day! Your resilience, your brilliance, and your unwavering spirit inspire us all. Keep shining brightly, not just today, but every day, lighting the way for a future where every woman can reach her full potential. Together, let’s continue to champion progress, not just for ourselves but for generations to come.”

A Seat at the Table: The Future of Women in Leadership

Rebecca Bridges, Client Success – Director. “To all the young women dreaming of a career in tech, I urge you to embrace your authenticity and never doubt your worthiness in this industry. Ask questions, seek knowledge, and remember that every opportunity, no matter how daunting, is a chance for growth. In this industry, you’ll meet, work and connect with a diverse range of incredible women, and you’ll have an absolute blast doing it!

Following the advice of successful women who work in the space is so beneficial, and I’ve had the opportunity to attend many inspiring female-led seminars. One of the times I felt most empowered in my career was being in a Q&A session with Koo Govender, the first female CEO at Publicis Groupe Africa. Sessions like this really help to combat imposter syndrome and stop you from questioning your position within the industry.

In this industry, you’ll meet, work and connect with a diverse range of incredible women, and you’ll have an absolute blast doing it!”

Honoring the Role Model: Lessons in Success, Resilience, and Personal Growth

Thuy Tran, Sales Director – Vietnam. “My mother has been a significant influence in my life, demonstrating the importance of self-awareness, positivity, a strong work ethic, and goal-oriented mindset from an early age. While her own journey may not have led to the heights she envisioned, she imparted invaluable wisdom that continues to guide me in both personal and professional spheres. Through her example, I’ve come to understand that true success encompasses not only tangible achievements but also the character and values developed throughout life’s endeavors. Her enduring impact inspires me to strive for excellence and pursue my aspirations with determination and resilience. She truly is my role mode for life.”

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