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Ignoring CTV Advertising in 2023 is Not an Option: Here are the Top 5 Reasons Why |   10 Jan, 2023

benefits of CTV advertising

Learn the top 5 reasons why connected TV advertising should be a part of your omnichannel marketing mix in 2023. 


Over one-third of American households now rely on streaming for their television entertainment. How can marketers stay caught up when the majority of the audience is cutting cords? 

According to an IAB survey, buyers are shifting their ad spending away from broadcast (53%) and cable TV (52%), and toward CTV advertising.

Dive deep into this blog to learn why connected TV advertising has become one of the fastest-growing video advertising platforms in 2023. 

Benefits of Connected TV Advertising 

1. Meet your Audience Where they’re

capture the audience at the correct moment

80% of U.S. households have at least one connected TV, including a smart TV, video game system, or streaming box. To boost conversions, brands need to reach consumers where they are spending their maximum time, i.e. connected devices. Have a look at the statistics below:

1. Streaming has increased by 266% globally in the last three years.

2. According to Conviva data, more than 500 million unique users watch 200 billion streams every year.

2. Advanced Targeting at a Lower Cost

Advanced Targeting at a Lower Cost

Brands can use connected TV advertising to select a target audience from an existing list. This helps you to meet your goal with far less money wasted and reach the target audience with engaging ads. 

3. Consumers are More Receptive to CTV Ads

Consumers are More Receptive to CTV Ads

86% of customers are willing to view ads that are interesting or relevant to them, whereas just 40% are expected to reject CTV if there are too many ads. It’s no secret that customers are more tolerant of connected TV advertising since they are viewing content they like far less expensive than scrolling through stations on cable television.

4. Progress can be Tracked Easily

trackable progress

Since connected TV advertising works programmatically, it offers brands the opportunity to track their success through different methods including Video Completion Rate (VCR) and Automatic Content Recognition (ACR). 

5. Improved Completion Rates

improved completion rates

In North America, 95% of video ad impressions viewed on connected TV devices were completed in 2020, while the average completion rate was 80%. This is likely because brands include more non-skippable ads within the streaming content, which ensures that their message was seen by the audience.

Gear Up for CTV’s Biggest Evolution

In today’s digital age, brands and advertisers need to reach consumers where they are spending their time. Silverpush’s AI-powered connected TV (CTV) advertising provides brands a unique opportunity to connect with the global audience by delivering ads that are contextually relevant, engaging, and effective. To know more click here

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