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Silverpush Launches AI-Powered Context Detection Platform for Video

PUBLISH DATE: 29 November 2018

Mirrors will enable effective in-video ad targeting leading to unprecedented reach and user engagement.

Mumbai – Silverpush has officially announced the launch of its AI-powered in-video key context identification platform – Mirrors. Mirrors leverages AI along with computer vision to identify key contexts like celebrities, brands, emotions, objects, activities and scenes in videos. Mirrors effectively identifies contexts in video content that aligns fully with a brand’s messages or ads, thus generating unprecedented reach and user engagement.

Silverpush, a global marketing technology provider, developed Mirrors to address the problem that has been troubling the brands and advertisers for years – irrelevant ad placement against video content. With video becoming the most preferred type of content, irrelevant ad placement negatively impacts a brand’s image and decreases ROI.

Chief Revenue Officer at SilverPush, Kartik Mehta, said – “Mirrors is the culmination of years of research to understand how users are engaging with brands when watching online video content. With Mirrors, we are creating endless contextual possibilities and are exploring every possible avenue to elevate the user experience for consumers, while helping established and emerging brands operating in APAC target their messages more effectively.”

On-demand video consumption and multi-screen viewing behavior are negatively impacting the global television market. A study by Dataxu states that pay-television and over-the-top (OTT) video will be worth $77.4 billion in the Asia-Pacific region by the year 2021. Thus, Silverpush has launched Mirrors at the right time.

Mehta said that while currently Mirrors is a business-to-business solution, it may be utilized in future as a search engine for online videos. People will be able to search online videos through in-video key context identification technology offered by Mirrors.

Mehta added – “Imagine watching a video of a romantic song that features Emma Stone holding hands with a male co-star at night time. Mirrors can quickly go through all indexed videos to identify this moment and recommends La La Land to the viewer in return.”