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Not just brand safety, get context relevant brand suitability

Unlock full in-video context for the most suitable video advertising environment for your brand

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Mirrors Safe’s AI powered in-video context detection delivers brand safety controls that are unique to your brand, offering absolute protection from harmful video advertising environments.

Our technology

Mirrors Safe uses computer vision to filter out pre-defined, brand specific, harmful content. Offering controls beyond traditional blanket exclusion measures.

Context relevant exclusion

Our deeply trained proprietary AI models detect custom defined unsafe contexts like faces, actions, objects, and scenes in a streaming video. Identified under multiple layers of video content – across categories including smoking, adult, violence, crashes, arms, terrorism and more.
Mirrors Safe’s advanced algorithm provides a comprehensive brand suitability score, that measures not only safety and suitability of content, but also of the page and the channel.
Mirrors Safe predicts and controls every video ad placement, before an impression is served, ensuring complete brand safety and suitability for in-flight campaigns.
Get an accurate pre, mid and post campaign analysis. Predetermined parameters can be viewed in your dashboard with Mirrors Safe’s excellent sequence depth charts for visual details.

Mirrors Safe leverages AI-powered in-video & on-page context detection, for comprehensive brand suitability

Achieve brand safety, without killing reach

Mirrors Safe avoids content over-blocking - a result of blanket exclusion measures offered today, that significantly limit campaign performance and often forces marketers to switch off controls in favor of reach.

Mirrors Safe's in-video context detection technology only filters videos that actually feature unsafe contexts, ensuring brand safety without hampering performance.

Complete brand suitability, beyond the content

Mirror Safe’s advanced algorithm uses five parameters to calculate a comprehensive brand safety & suitability score:

  • Exclusion based on in-video context, on-screen text, and audio sentiment analysis
  • Engagement, likes/dislikes & comments
  • Organic influence that channel/page/content creates
  • Content relevancy compared to a peer channel/page
  • Momentum with channel/page maintains or grows in terms of engagement

Post campaign analysis

Get information beyond where the ads were placed. With Mirrors Safe, you can measure performance of past campaigns by identifying ad placements across brand unsafe content.

Increase accuracy and reach by identifying content which is not brand unsafe in your current blocklists, to finetune future campaigns.

What this means for you

Mirrors Safe not just ensures brand safety, it offers an environment suitable for your brand. While optimizing campaigns in real-time, making sure every single ad placement is safe, transparent and measurable

Absolute brand

Never fear an ad placement next to undesired content with our full in-video context and predictive models.

Complete brand

Move away from blanket exclusion measures. Define what is unsafe for your brand.


Predict and control video ad placement before an impression is served. Ensures brand safety for in-flight campaigns.


Do not trade off performance for brand safety. Get complete control with maximum reach.

Transparent and

Get mid and post campaign analysis that measure every ad placement for full transparency.

Faster time to

Move away from manually curating targeting lists, let our AI do that with unparalleled contextual filtering.

Experience Mirrors Safe

Learn more about how Mirrors Safe can protect your brand against harmful video environments.

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Experience Mirrors Safe

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