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Interactive Video Ads: Turn Passive Viewers to Active Participants |   28 Mar, 2024

Interactive Video Ads to Captivate Viewers

Interactive video ads signify a revolutionary change in digital advertising, turning passive spectators into dynamic participants. Through the smooth integration of interactive elements such as touchpoints, quizzes, and clickable features, these ads present an unparalleled avenue for brands to connect with their audience. Viewers are no longer just observers but are encouraged to engage deeply with the ad content, making choices and initiating actions that steer the storyline.

According to the State of Video Marketing report, 17% of video marketers intend to incorporate interactive video into their video marketing strategy. But now, before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s understand what is interactive video advertising, the reason why advertisers need to implement creative intelligence in their advertising media plan, and how to choose the best tech partner to get started with interactive video ads.

What is Interactive Video Advertising?

By definition, Interactive video advertising allows consumers to engage and interact with an ad, nurturing communication between brands and their audiences. This dynamic approach enables brands to establish and cultivate meaningful connections with their audience.

Interactive v/s Linear Video Ads

Traditional linear video ads typically allow limited interaction, such as play, pause, rewind, and fast-forward functionalities. In contrast, Interactive videos empower viewers to interact directly with the content using various digital actions like clicking, dragging, scrolling, hovering, and gesturing. This interactivity is facilitated through several tools, including:

  • Hotspots: clickable areas within the video that may lead to external web pages or reveal additional content within the video itself, like product details.
  • 360 views: enabling users to explore the video environment by dragging the screen to view in different directions.
  • Branches: offering viewers multiple paths to customize and control the content they see.
  • Data inputs: integrating form fields where users can input information like their name, age, etc., directly within the video.
  • Quizzes: combining interactive buttons and branching to deliver assessments and provide personalized results at the conclusion of the video.

These functionalities enhance viewer engagement, making the video experience more enjoyable, memorable, and interactive.

Reasons for Brands to Adopt Interactive Video Ads

Giving viewers choices is increasingly popular, exemplified by Bear Grylls’ innovative use of interactivity in his Netflix series, “You vs Wild.” Similarly, on the advertising front, interactive video ads offer brands a powerful tool to engage consumers and convey messages more effectively.

There are several key factors that contribute to the rapid adoption of these formats:

1. Short Attention Time Span of Consumers

The internet has evolved into a fierce arena where capturing the attention of an easily distracted online audience is a constant challenge. In response to this, snackable content has emerged as a solution to cater to the short attention spans of the masses. On social media platforms, brands have effectively utilized snackable content to engage their audience. However, on the broader web landscape, its interactive layers are emerging as a highly effective strategy for capturing attention and encouraging users to engage with brands on a deeper level. Interactive elements within content not only grab attention but also invite users to actively participate, creating a more immersive and memorable experience. This deeper level of engagement nurtures stronger connections between brands and their audience, ultimately driving brand awareness and loyalty in a crowded digital space.

2. Higher Engagement

Encouraging users to engage with an advertisement by incorporating gamification elements is an effective strategy for conveying a brand message. Research indicates that interactive video ads lead to a 47% increase in the time spent with the ad. Additionally, when users interact with these ads, advertisers benefit from triple the amount of time spent engaging with the consumer.

3. Better Brand Recall

Interactive video ads, when executed effectively, are not just cool and innovative; they also excel in achieving what every advertiser aims for memorability. Research indicates that these ads leave a lasting impression, so much so that even if users don’t actively engage with them, they are still 32% more likely to remember the interactive ad compared to a linear ad.

4. Measure KPIs beyond views

Linear video ads traditionally focus on viewability and completion as KPIs, but interactive video ads offer deeper insights into user engagement. Tracking interactions with interactive elements provides valuable data, allowing brands to define KPIs based on campaign goals. This enables better measurement of ad effectiveness and optimization strategies.

How to Choose an Interactive Video Company?

Finding the right agency partner is crucial when embarking on your first interactive video project. It’s essential to choose a partner whose experience, skills, and capabilities match your requirements. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to Crafters, a creative intelligence solution that can help bring your interactive video vision to life.

Our proprietary technology and engaging creatives turn your ads into immersive journeys, transforming brand stories into great captivating experiences.

1. Experience a sales boost like never before with Shoppable Videos!

These interactive masterpieces empower viewers to make purchases directly from the video itself. Explore, interact, and shop seamlessly as you watch, turning passive viewing into instant gratification. Elevate your sales strategy with Shoppable Videos today!

Crafters Shoppable Dynamic Video Ad Format

2. Reach the Right Audience in the Right Context at the Right Moment

Deliver ads on relevant platforms like CTV and Open Web, reaching viewers actively engaged in your niche. Crafters generate ads using non-personally identifiable information such as weather, geography, and time of day, ensuring user privacy and compliance with evolving regulations.

Kotak811 leverages Crafters by Silverpush for maximum reach and brand visibility


Digital video advertising expenditure has been on a remarkable upward trajectory, with substantial year-on-year increases. Although the global online advertising market is expected to mature and experience slower growth in 2024 and beyond, one niche that will maintain its prominence is video advertising. Forecasts predict a year-over-year growth of over 6% for video advertising in 2024. (Source: Statista).

Interactive video ads are poised to become a cornerstone of this growth, transitioning from a niche market to a mainstream advertising format. Brands are taking notice of these trends, and we anticipate witnessing a surge of highly original and creative interactive video ads in 2024 and beyond.

The possibilities are endless. Work with one of our interactive experts for your next campaign. Get started now.

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