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Adtech Trends to Expect in 2022 – What are We Likely to See?

PUBLISH DATE: 25 July 2022

In the past year, there has been so much change in the digital advertising but as the adtech industry is moving for a future centered around privacy and identity. Advertisers now need to think how they are going to approach these major changes. Here are some of the key trends that publishers and advertisers can take a look at.

2022 The Year of CTV or Not?

The ‘year of mobile’ lasted for quite a decade and it’s not unreasonable to think that the ‘year of CTV’ shall reign like this too. Connected TVs started gaining momentum in the year 2020 and is predicted to grow exponentially in the world over the next five years. More and more companies are conducting research and testing out various solutions to evaluate the great value in CTV as one of the fastest growing channels in advertising. Shortly, this will help the companies to identify and come up with connectivity solutions at the forefront of the medium, offering advertisers a cookie-less platform to reach their targeted customers.

What does App Monetization and Social Shake Up Means for Adtech Industry?

Constrained app monetization has hindered the market growth for social media marketing. The privacy changes that are occurring will lead to decrease in revenues for the tech giants. Typically, the tech giants witness a growth of 10-50% annually, however, that shall no longer be a case in 2022. Instead, it is expected to see a 5-15% shrinkage. Though this news is not going to affect the industry in a huge way but it will be interesting to see tech giants like Google reach to this new change.

Take Extra Precaution for Our Small and Independent Publishers

We won’t be predicting any date, but one thing is for sure – disappearance of third-party cookies. Alternatives to third-party cookies are already emerging, however, these solutions will only work for publishers who have enough bandwidth and data to scale which is something that publishers don’t have. For contextual targeting, the adtech industry is already pushing forward that will only work for larger publishers. The industry is not yet acknowledging the fact that not every solution is compatible for small publishers. Their audiences are small and very valuable, thus they would require better solutions.

The Future of Advertising is Identity Collaboration

As the industry buckle up for upcoming privacy changes, ID solutions for open web are going to be imperative for monetization. Till last year, identity partners claimed their privacy was the best and believed that their solution is the only one that works. This needs to change. Collaboration is crucial among identity partners as at the end of the day all of them have a common goal to achieve, that is to give consumers control and make it more transparent to get more efficiency.

This year may be the year of CTV or the time when we finally realize open web identity solutions. With the upcoming depreciation of third-party cookies, publishers and advertisers are all gearing up for the uncertainties and upcoming challenges.