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“CTV is Europe’s leading video platform for ad attention”, According to New ShowHeroes Group Research

PUBLISH DATE: 22 July 2022

According to a breakthrough new study, an astounding 80% of European consumers choose CTV, with connected TV generating much more ad attention and interaction than YouTube and linear TV.

The study was conducted by ShowHeroes Group, a major global provider of video solutions for advertisers and publishers. It employed cutting-edge ‘Tobii eye tracking eyewear’ and ‘eSense electrodermal response sensors’ to measure TV viewers’ attention, even on CTV (smart TVs and streaming devices).

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These biometric data were then paired with a quantitative survey of 2,100 respondents in seven important European regions, yielding conclusions with far-reaching consequences for the digital advertising business.

With attention emerging as a critical indicator in a post-behavioral world, data revealed that CTV easily won the advertising industry’s gold standard of peak attention and engagement.

Some of the study’s major findings are as follows:

  1. CTV has an 82% attention rate, compared to 69% for linear TV and 42% for social video.
  2. Users spent an average of 12.2 seconds watching CTV advertising before turning away, which is over 3 seconds longer than linear TV and 5 times longer than YouTube.
  3. Viewers were found to be in the “engagement zone” 71% of the time during CTV commercial breaks, according to electrodermal responses: 11% higher than in social video advertising.

CTV is used by 62% of users for the freedom it gives, with “variety of programming” and “easy of usage” rating as additional top reasons for cutting the cord with linear. Users perceived CTV commercials to be shorter, more relevant, and of higher quality than linear TV ads.

43% of people looked for a product after viewing a CTV advertisement. One-third have visited an advertiser’s website, and one-fifth have actively purchased a product after viewing a CTV advertisement.

A important result for the contextual tech industry is that 67% of consumers would prefer to see CTV advertising that are relevant to the content they are watching.