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In-Game Advertising: Is this the New Advertising Format for Digital Advertisers?

PUBLISH DATE: 11 July 2022

In-game advertising (IGA) is frequently similar to the advertisements we see in real life, despite the impression that video games are separated from reality. The most common types of advertisements we see outdoors are billboards, posters, and logos displayed on boards at sporting events, but the popularity of in-game advertising is bringing these types of advertisements to well-known video games.

In-game advertising includes banners, video commercials, audio adverts, and minigames that promote a specific brand in computer, mobile, or console games (IGA). Static advertisements, dynamic ads, and game advertising are the three most prevalent IGA types.

The industry for in-game advertising is expanding quickly. The sector is anticipated to be valued at $56 billion USD at the end of 2024. This number is followed by a broad range of advantages. The most significant economic benefits that in-game advertising offers are tied to revenue, engagement, and connection with the right audience.

Advertisers are eager to use formats that are valuable to and encourage engagement with their target audience. You’ll most likely see the following ad styles while playing video games:

Rewarded Video: By watching a full-screen, typically unskippable video ad, a player may receive in-game incentives.

Interstitial Ad: After finishing a level or other in-game task, a full-screen, clickable advertisement with a call-to-action button appears.

Display Banners: These advertisements appear at the top or bottom of the game’s screen and might be static or dynamic.

Playable Advertisements: While playing another game, a playable demo of another game may display.

Offerwall: It is a virtual platform that offers a variety of tasks, such as software installations, survey responses, and game challenges.

Coupon Advertisements: A gamer may obtain a special coupon or discounts for offline purchases.

Advertisers can target a certain group of gamers through in-game advertising (IGA). The three IGA ad formats that advertisers can use to advertise their goods inside well-known video games are dynamic in-game ads, static in-game ads, and game advertising.

A successful marketing campaign can boost income for the advertiser, get players to engage with the brand, and target audiences that will respond well to the promos.