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Their Story

NewU is the one-stop beauty destination for a comprehensive range of Health, Wellness, Homecare, and Personal Grooming products. The marketplace offers exclusive deals from renowned and distinguished brands, aimed at significantly enhancing users’ shopping experience.

Their Goal

Grow brand awareness and rapidly drive online sales channels with a limited marketing budget.

The Success We Created


Increase in Monthly Revenue


Increase in AOV


Increase in conversion rate


Decrease in cost per order

Drop in cost per add to cart


Keywords ranked in top 10 results

Orders through organic SEO results


NewU was a late entrant in a crowded marketplace, and faced stringent competition. Being in a nascent stage of its online presence, the brand lacked an elaborate marketing budget and its promotional offers were not driving desired sales impact. The brand also was looking to build more repeat customers and brand loyalty.

Our Solution

Hexa partnered with NewU, where a dedicated team worked to enhance their website mapping each stage of the customer journey to user experience. Hexa helped NewU create a more meaningful and engaged presence across social channels creating enhanced brand awareness, and rapidly drove online sales through a mix of paid, social media, and organic channels.


The Hexa strategy included running campaigns across all major platforms including but not limited to: Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Quora, Taboola, and across OTT platforms.
However, we specifically leveraged three key strategies to drive sales, while limiting the marketing investment.

  • Google search & shopping ads.
  • Setting up a loyalty program to create repeat customers. And ensuring the right user experience to create awareness of the benefits, and driving conversions through this program.
  • Strong technical & on-page-SEO.

Leveraged TV Ad Sync

Besides leveraging the retail popularity of NewU by marketing their in-house products like cosmetics brand Jaqueline and Lifestyle brand Dabur - we lso focussed on selling industry bestsellers like Lakme, Maybelline, L'oreal etc who had a very robust fan following as well as in house branding and marketing budgets.
We used Silverpush’s flagship advertising technology platform Parallels, to ascertain the timings when these big-ticket brands were advertising on TV and advertised heavily online during these times bands to ensure we were syncing social, display and video ads.

Consistently growing online sales and brand perception

Our focussed approach to realize conversion objectives of NewU saw a great response in terms of a 7x increase in monthly revenue with a 2.5x decrease in cost per order. Strong on-page SEO played a crucial part, where NewU ranked in top ten results for 900+ keywords, leading to 38% sales coming through organic SEO results.

About Hexa

Hexa is a leading digital marketing agency that is helping ecommerce brands make the most of their marketing spends. Our Hexa experts offer end to end digital marketing services for you, so that you can focus on what is important. Visit our website (silverpush.co/Hexa/) to know more about how Hexa can help you in creating a highly customized marketing strategy no matter what stage of the journey your business is currently in.