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Yesterday achieved massive outreach and viewership through YouTube advertising using Mirrors!


United International Pictures wanted to achieve significant viewership and drive box office success for the release of movie Yesterday in Philippines. However, it faced a unique challenge due to IP restrictions against the core storyline of the movie – The Beatles music and related content. Any piece of music, imagery, iconography or lyrics from The Beatles could not be used in the campaign materials or executions, making reaching their fan base, and Yesterday’s target audience, a huge challenge.

Our Solution

Silverpush’s AI powered context detection platform, Mirrors identified in-video contexts like faces, logos, objects, and scenes, relevant to the movie ; effectively serving ads in line with movie related content users were actively engaging with.

Music being the movie’s central theme, Mirrors detected music instruments, faces of band members, music scenarios, and logos of The Beatles and other contemporary bands. And, helped target relevant content without violating IP restrictions. Mirrors also strengthened the connection between music and the movie by reaching users at the moment when they were engaging with their musical interests.

Mirrors’ In-video Context Detection

Trained to draw insights from millions of pieces of visual content,
Mirrors uses computer vision to identify in-video contexts for highly
relevant ad placement targeting.

Music instruments

Identified videos featuring objects such as Guitar, drums, bass, keyboards, amplifiers, and more
Filtered videos featuring members of The Beatles band and their contemporaries including John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Bee Gees, The Byrds, Pink Floyd, and more.
And detected faces of Yesterday movie stars including Ed Sheeran, Lily James, Himesh Patel and more.
Detected scenes such as bands playing on stage, bands in music videos, rock concerts, and more.
Mirrors detected logos of The Beatles band and many contemporary bands.


Yesterday surpassed projected box office collections by 45%

Context relevant

Mirrors effectively targeted context relevant content, which is not fully possible using standard content targeting.

Capitalized on users’
current state of mind

Served ads to the relevant audience in line with content they were engaging with, not based on past searches or affinities.

Brand Safety

Mirror’s built-in brand safety mechanism filtered undesired content that can potentially evoke negative emotions like violence, nudity and more.

Impact in Numbers

31.4% VTR
28% Higher CTR vs Benchmark