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Silverpush Wins Gold at Festival of Media Global Awards 2020

PUBLISH DATE: 06 October 2020

The Festival of Media Global Awards has announced its 2020 winners and Silverpush has won a Gold under the Best Technology Provided for Media category.

The Best Technology Provided for Media category is dedicated to companies and platforms that have delivered exceptional technology, which has enabled and amplified campaigns for brands and agencies.

Silverpush emerged on top among the five companies that were shortlisted for this category, viz. – Silverpush, Celtra, Integral Ad Science, MSIGHTS, and Adverity. Celtra is a Boston-based company that provides software for automating creative production. Integral Ad Science addresses issues around fraud, viewability, brand risk and media quality. MSIGHTS is a US-based company that offers a marketing data integration and reporting platform. Adverity offers intelligent marketing analytics platform for businesses.

Silverpush is transforming video advertising with its unique content solutions that help brands reach audience based on content they are currently consuming vs past searches and affinities. Mirrors identifies key  in-video contexts such as celebrities, brands, objects, actions, scenes, on-screen text and audio transcribes in a streaming video, for highly relevant contextual ad placement. The degree of context relevance that Mirrors offers significantly surpasses that offered by other traditional targeting methods.

Mirrors further contextually filters out unsafe or harmful content, helping brands reach their most relevant audience in a fully brand safe environment. It goes beyond brand safety to offer context relevance brand suitability. It not only filters out content that falls under generic unsafe categories such as terrorism, racism, adult, drugs, gambling, etc., but enables brands to custom-define their suitability needs. And blocks unsafe content without killing reach, unlike traditional blanket exclusion measures. Mirrors further offers a comprehensive suitability score that leverages performance related parameters, that go beyond the content.

Silverpush’s context relevant solutions are helping brands across the globe to target their audiences like never before, enabling them to boost brand awareness and conversions.