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CTV Gold Rush: Capturing Audiences & Conquering Ad Fatigue |   11 Dec, 2023


With viewers ditching traditional cable in favor of streaming services, advertisers are flocking to CTV to capture a captive and engaged audience. According to Insider Intelligence, US CTV ad spending is expected to reach $16.36 billion in 2023, accounting for 21.1% of all TV ad spending.

And this isn’t just a fleeting trend. CTV has officially surpassed traditional “linear” TV, leaving it in the dust. In fact, the number of CTV households is set to skyrocket, exceeding 115 million by 2024, more than double the number of linear TV homes.

What’s driving this shift? For advertisers, the answer is simple: CTV is a gold mine. Ad spend on linear TV is steadily declining, while CTV continues to soar, projected to increase by 21.2% year-on-year. And the numbers don’t lie – viewers are more likely to act on CTV ads, with a 23% higher purchase intent compared to linear ads.

However, with increased competition comes a new challenge: ad fatigue. Seeing the same ad repeatedly can lead to viewer apathy and a decline in engagement. To combat this, advertisers need to create dynamic and engaging CTV ad creatives that resonate with viewers

What is Consumer Fatigue?

Consumer Fatigue

Even in the captivating world of CTV, viewers can develop ad fatigue. This occurs when they’re repeatedly exposed to the same ad, leading to decreased attention and engagement.
Ad fatigue can seriously hinder the effectiveness of your CTV campaigns. It can lead to:

  • Decreased brand recall: If viewers are constantly bombarded with the same ad, they’re less likely to remember your brand or message.
  • Lower engagement: Viewer apathy towards repetitive ads translates to decreased interaction with your call to action.
  • Negative brand perception: Constant exposure to the same ad can actually create a negative association with your brand in viewers’ minds. 

To avoid these pitfalls, it’s crucial to diversify your ad creative and ensure viewers see fresh content regularly. Explore different formats, messaging approaches, and even target specific audiences with tailored ad variations. By keeping your CTV advertising engaging, you can maintain viewer interest and maximize campaign impact.

Why does it matter:

With the continuous expansion of ad-supported streaming services in the connected TV, the available advertising inventory is on the rise. However, gaining clear insight into the CTV ad supply chain remains a challenge, complicating efforts to implement effective frequency capping.
1. According to insider intelligence projections, by 2024, the number of viewers for free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) is expected to reach 104.4 million, with ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) viewers reaching 180.2 million.
2. Aluma Insights reports that 40% of US adults have increased their time spent on FASTs in the past year.
3. The simultaneous growth of viewership and ad loads on both FAST and AVOD services has the potential to exacerbate ad fatigue. 

CTV Ad Creative

1. Creative Variations:

A) Interactive Media: Play around with CTV Ads is an effective way to capture user attention & drive engagement with interactive video elements like attaching QR codes, in video texts.
B) Edit the Order of Footage: Re-sequence your existing footage to create a new narrative flow, highlighting different aspects of your product or service. This simple switch can offer a fresh perspective and enhance audience engagement.
C) Refocus Your Scenes: Shift the spotlight to specific scenes within your existing material. This allows you to explore alternative storytelling angles and emphasize different benefits for the viewers.
D) Tweak Your Call to Action: Encourage viewers to take action & utilize generative AI  to get actionable CTA’S  which resonates most effectively with your target audience.
E) Refresh Your Voiceover: Give your ad a new voice by changing the voiceover artist or adjusting the script’s tone and language. This can significantly impact the overall feel and message of the ad, potentially attracting new audiences.

2.Target Your Ads Precisely with frequency capping:

By setting a frequency cap on your CTV ads, you can ensure that they are not shown to the same viewer too often. This will help prevent ad fatigue and ensure that your ads remain engaging and effective.
Contextual relevance is key to engaging viewers and avoiding ad fatigue. This means tailoring your ads to the specific context in which it is being shown. This includes factors such as the:

A) Channel: What type of content is typically shown on this channel?
B) Program: What is the program about? What are the viewers likely to be interested in?

3. Keep it Fresh with Regular Rotation:

For advertisers aiming for an “evergreen presence,” simply creating several variations and running them on repeat won’t suffice. You need to strike a delicate balance between delivering consistent, memorable messaging while constantly innovating to stay fresh and prevent viewer fatigue.

This might involve subtle tweaks to visuals, messaging, or even the overall tone of your ads to keep them engaging even throughout a year-long campaign.

Highlight the power of seasonality to create timely and relevant messaging that resonates with viewers. Aligning your ads with key holidays, events, or cultural moments allows you to capitalize on existing trends and conversations.

4. Use Diverse formats with different ad lengths:

Not all viewers have the same attention span, so it’s important to test different ad lengths to see which ones perform best. This can help you find the sweet spot for your ads, ensuring that they are not too long or too short to be effective.

Ads can grab attention and tell a compelling story, while interactive ads offer a more engaging experience. Branded content allows you to subtly weave your brand message into existing content, creating a less intrusive and more natural experience.

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CTV: The Future of Television and Avoiding Ad Fatigue

In conclusion, as Connected TV (CTV) continues to dominate the advertising industry, steering clear of ad fatigue emerges as a pivotal strategy for advertisers seeking optimal results.

By implementing dynamic and diverse ad creative strategies, such as interactive elements, strategic sequencing, and refreshed voiceovers, advertisers can combat viewer apathy and maintain high engagement levels. Precision targeting with frequency capping, adapting to contextual relevance, and utilizing diverse ad formats further enhance advertisers to get better results  & high user interaction.

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