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Video Contextual Advertising: Everything You Need to Know |   17 Mar, 2023

ad placed after contextually detecting with Mirrors

Explore the world of in-video contextual advertising and master in creating engaging and personalized contextual ads for exceptional customer engagement.

As per current data, there are 3.1 billion digital video viewers worldwide, and online video is projected to account for 82.5% of all web traffic by 2023, making it the most preferred type of content on the internet.

With the increasing popularity of video content, more and more marketers are leveraging this medium to showcase their ads and expand their reach.

However, it’s crucial to note even the best advertisements, which have a feel-good factor about them, don’t perform well if they are fitted into irrelevant contexts.

Even a report from the University of Oxford supports this point. It observed that cheerful ads when inserted in between a gloomy part of the video don’t create much impact.

That’s why it’s important for advertisers to connect with viewers and convey their message in a relevant context. By carefully choosing where to place their ads within videos, advertisers can increase their revenue and create a more impactful experience for their target audience.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at what in-video contextual advertising means, its modus operandi, the benefits it offers for both advertisers, and some best practices for using this advertising method effectively.

What is In-Video Contextual Advertising?

In video contextual advertising, ads related to the content being seen or read are placed to ensure better connections with the audience.

Video ads can have more impact through in-video contextual advertising where in-video ads are placed relevant to the content being played out in the video.

This ensures that the viewer finds the advertisement to be closely related to what is being seen, and therefore, would be more interested in knowing the product.

They are typically triggered by specific keywords or phrases that are relevant to the video’s content, which helps ensure that the ads are relevant and engaging for the viewer.

For example, you’re watching a cooking video on YouTube. As you watch the video, you may notice that there are ads that appear within the content itself, such as a sponsored product placement for a particular brand of cookware or ingredients.

These ads are contextually relevant to the video content and provide value to the viewer by offering solutions or recommendations related to the topic at hand.

How Does In-Video Contextual Advertising Work?

Contextual advertising within videos relies on contextual data to deliver relevant and targeted ads to viewers, based on the content they are watching. To achieve this, advertisers often partner with specialized contextual advertising companies like Silverpush, which have expertise in placing in-video contextual ads.

AI-Driven Ad Performance with Mirrors

Silverpush’s flagship product, Mirrors is the world’s first in-video context identification technology. This hyper-contextual technology allows for more precise and effective ad placement within videos, resulting in a more engaging and personalized viewing experience for the audience.

​​Powered by AI, Mirrors performs video analysis to extract the right context. It identifies key contexts like celebrities, brands, objects, actions, and other context signals for a nuanced level of targeting at the video level and places ads accordingly.

functioning of Mirrors- Silverpush

In the past 5 years, Mirrors has processed 1.5B+ videos and built its own historic data intelligence to accurately determine which context performs best in each country. To know more about Mirrors and how it can help you in reaching your targeted audience, fill out the form on your right and an expert from our team will soon contact you.

Benefits of In-Video Contextual Advertising

Benefits of In-Video Contextual Advertising

There are many benefits to using in-video contextual advertising for both advertisers and brands. Some of the key benefits include:

1. Relevance: In-video contextual advertising ensures that ads are relevant to the content that viewers are currently watching. This helps increase engagement and can lead to higher conversion rates for advertisers.

2. Non-Intrusive: In-video contextual ads are seamlessly integrated into the content itself, which makes them less intrusive and more enjoyable for viewers.

3. Cost-Effective: In-video contextual advertising can be more cost-effective than traditional video advertising because it allows advertisers to target specific audiences more effectively.

4. Increased Revenue: In-video contextual advertising can increase the revenue of brands by experiencing an uptick in their ROI.

Best Practices for In-Video Contextual Advertising

Best Practices for In-Video Contextual Advertising

If you’re considering using in-video contextual advertising as part of your marketing strategy, there are a few best practices to keep in mind:

1. Choose the Right Platform: There are many different platforms and networks that offer in-video contextual advertising, so it’s important to choose one that is a good fit for your audience and budget.

2. Keep it Relevant: Make sure that your ads are contextually relevant to the content that viewers are currently watching. This will help increase engagement and conversions.

3. Don’t Be too Intrusive: In-video contextual ads should be seamlessly integrated into the content itself, without being too intrusive or disruptive.

4. Monitor Performance: Keep a close eye on how your ads are performing and make adjustments as needed to optimize for better results.

Unlock your Revenue Potential with Mirrors In-Video Contextual Advertising

Mirrors’ cutting-edge in-video context identification technology can help your brand place the right content at the right time in a video, increasing the likelihood of your ads resonating with viewers.

With Mirrors, you’ll be able to create a more engaging and personalized viewing experience, resulting in more impressions and clicks on your ads. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your brand’s advertising game. Contact us today!

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