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Win Gold for Summer Olympics 2024 with AI-Powered Video Ads |   05 Apr, 2024

Olympics Games Advertising Strategies Silverpush

The Paris Olympic Games 2024 is not merely a gathering of the world’s finest athletes, but it’s a testament to unity, diversity, and the pinnacle of human excellence. The grand spectacle sparks surges in consumer engagement and purchase intent worldwide. Whether you operate shoe boutiques in Ohio, bicycle repair shops in Manchester, restaurants in Paris, or hotels in Marseille, achieving success hinges on ensuring your brand is visible during these pivotal moments.

The opportunity is vast, but success hinges on adept management. It surpasses mere visibility; it’s about crafting resonance that resonates deeply with the audience.

We present to you the final article of our Olympics blog series. Make sure to read about the actionable insights for the Olympics campaign, How Contextual advertising can help brands reach their most relevant audience at the right moment, and how to get started with interactive video ads for the Olympic Games advertising.

Advertising Around the 2024 Paris Olympics: Who Will Be Watching, and Why?

The Olympics represent a unique televised sports spectacle, drawing a diverse audience, unlike any other sports competition. Viewers tune in for myriad reasons, creating a captivated sporting audience with varied values and interests, potentially distinct from those targeted by your business in the past.

Olympic Games Advertising 2024 Audience Insights

Own the World’s Largest Moments with YouTube

Millions will flock to YouTube to stay updated on the Summer Olympics—whether they’re tuning into ads, fan-generated content, or the grand spectacle itself. Advertising on YouTube enables brands to connect with both pertinent content and vast audiences during these monumental cultural events.

Olympic Games Advertising Regulations: Rule 40

Before you delve into the Olympic Games advertising, it is crucial to understand the restrictions and regulations that come with it. Rule 40 is designed to safeguard the investments made by top-tier Olympic sponsors, which means that non-sponsors are prohibited from the use of specific Olympics-related terms, such as “Olympics”. Moreover, Rule 40 imposes a “black period”, during which the athletes are not allowed to post sponsored content for a specified duration before and after the games.

Seize the Moment with Advanced Contextual Targeting

With the Games’ widespread digital coverage and audiences able to watch events and related content whenever they want, advertisers are presented with a significant opportunity. By connecting with your relevant audience in the right context, and delivering personalized content at the right moment, brands can significantly increase attention and purchase intent.

Why does this matter?

Because ads seen in context are seen as highly relevant by consumers, leading to much higher CTRs and conversions. For example, contextual retargeted ads have ten times higher click-through rates compared to typical display ads.

When attention and alignment are part of your advertising strategy, ROI can increase by up to 30%. Contextual advertising enables brands with better engagement, increasing the likelihood of desired action from their potential consumers at a more affordable rate.

And when you consider the scale and reach of the Olympic Games, this presents a recipe for outstanding results.

Introducing Mirrors – Intelligent Contextual Advertising Solution

Mirrors is an advanced context intelligence technology backed by proprietary AI – designed specifically for brands and agencies

Our next-gen AI technology offers comprehensive content analysis, identifying celebrities, brands, objects, text, audio, actions, scenes, and places. In contrast to traditional YouTube solutions, we excel in crafting highly effective content alignments and contextual cues tailored to enhance your brand’s presence.

Re-imagine your YouTube buying with Mirrors – allowing advertisers the ability to capitalize on content featuring key players, coaches, teams, and more!

Using Creative Intelligence to Your Advantage During the Olympics

Once you’ve designed your Olympic-specific campaign, the next crucial step is selecting the appropriate advertising platform for your brand.

Traditional linear TV ads, while impactful, come with a hefty price tag, often comparable to Super Bowl commercials. These high-profile advertising avenues may be viable for larger brands with sizable budgets. However, alternative channels such as Connected TV (CTV) or Online Video (OLV) often deliver better results for many companies, especially those seeking budget-friendly options.

Capturing the attention of a global audience during the Olympics demands more than conventional advertising methods. Interactive video advertising opens the door to a new level of connection between brands and their target audience. By allowing viewers to interact, brands can gather valuable insights into their preferences and behaviors. Incorporating elements of interactivity and gamification, these ads create an immersive experience that captivates viewers, encouraging them to tune into live programming and engage further.

Introducing Crafters – A Creative Intelligence Solution

Crafters is a creative intelligence solution that generates privacy-focused, hyper-contextual video ads. Increase engagement without relying on personal data – reach the right audiences with the right message, at the right time, every time.

Crafters leverage more than a decade of hyper-contextual machine learning data to deliver interactive video ads to audiences when they are most attentive. Advertisers can identify handraisers and provide them with actionable content at the moment they’re most likely to interact.

Prepare your ads for the Paris Olympics

Download the Sports Advertising Playbook and maximize your presence during this premier sporting event on the global stage.

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