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Silverpush Partners with Digital Commons to Provide its AI Ad Solutions in New Zealand

PUBLISH DATE: 10 March 2020

Silverpush launches its full range of AI-powered advertising products in New Zealand through its exclusive partnership with Digital Commons.

Singapore – Silverpush has partnered with Ponsonby-based marketing agency, Digital Commons, to offer its entire range of AI-powered video intelligence and moment marketing solutions in New Zealand.

Lisa Ison, MD of Digital Commons, said – “By leveraging artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies, brands and advertisers will be able to achieve their advertising objectives in a premium brand safe environment. This innovation in ad technology boosts the effectiveness of campaigns and delivers unparalleled reach and user engagement.”

Silverpush’s in-video key contexts identification platform uses artificial intelligence along with computer vision to identify key  contexts in videos. Computer vision enables computers to see, identify and process objects in images and videos just like or even better than human vision system. This platform is able to identify  key contexts like celebrities, objects, brands, emotions, activities and scenes in videos with extreme accuracy. It enables displaying of only those in-video ads that are fully in context with the video content.

Brand safety and control platform, by Silverpush, enables brands to display in-video ads in a brand safe environment with full control. It is powered by AI and computer vision, surpassing all other methods for ensuring brand safety. It effectively blocks ad placements against unsafe and inappropriate video content, even not letting a single brand-damaging ad placement. Moreover, this computer-vision-powered platform offers a tailored approach, i.e. it blocks only that content which is considered unsafe by a brand.

Silverpush’s real-time TV sync technology capitalizes on cross-screen behavior by syncing TV ads with digital ads on smartphones. Silverpush’s moment marketing platform effectively syncs sporting events, pollution levels, weather updates and current trends with brands’ messages on social media.