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First in-video context detection platform

Discover your most engaged audience in video, and maximize performance of your campaigns, like never before.

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Mirrors couples AI with computer vision for context relevant video ad placements, without collecting reams of personal data. Maximizing performance for your video campaigns, while ensuring GDPR compliance.

Our technology

Trained to draw insights from millions of pieces of visual content, Mirrors uses computer vision to identify in-video contexts for highly relevant ad placement targeting*.


Detect brand logos to seamlessly raise the visibility of your own trademark. And target competing brands to tap into mindshare of your competition.
Place context relevant ads through detection of hundreds of scenes, ranging from mountains, beaches, parking lots, landmarks, to specific cities.
Accurately detect faces in videos to tap into the full potential of your celebrity brand endorsements. Detect attributes such as gender, ethnicity, age range, and more.
Expand the scope of your campaigns: identify objects of all sizes (camera, cars, watches, shoes) to contextually target your own product category, as well as complementary products.
Target the most relevant scenario by identifying hundreds of complex activities like sports, biking, rock climbing, and more.
Let your ad-placements hit the right measure on the emotional scale for maximum impact. Target videos only featuring desired emotions, filter out content featuring undesired emotions.

Context that drives performance

Mirrors uses AI to analyse every video your ad will appear against to ensure it’s completely relevant, and continually improves your in-flight campaigns, leading to unprecedented results.

Drop in cost
per view

View through rate uplift

Click through rate uplift

IAB brand
safey categories

Run your campaigns in a brand suitable environment

Run your campaigns in a brand suitable environment

Mirrors not only targets highly relevant content, but also filters out video content featuring unsafe and harmful contexts. Providing you with controls unique to every campaign, ensuring a highly relevant and safe environment.

Looking for just brand safety? Mirrors Safe offers both predictive controls, and post campaign analysis.

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What this means for you

Mirrors unlocks new ways to expand the scope of your video advertising campaigns and reach your most relevant customers, at the moment they are most likely to engage.

Unlock the
full context

Contextually target most relevant and suitable video content

Relevant in

Reach niche audiences, when they engage with their interests. Not based on past affinities.

Immense contextual

Expand the scope of your campaign through thousands of in-video contexts.

Transparency &

Place ads where viewers pay the most attention, ensuring every placement count.

Brand safety
and control

Filter out irrelevant, unsuitable, and harmful content.

Data privacy

Reach your most engaged audience, without collecting reams of personal data.

* To know more about our contextual and brand suitable video advertising offering for YouTube, visit the Mirrors for YouTube page.

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Learn more on how Mirrors makes video advertising highly contextual, GDPR compliant, and brand safe.

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