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Silverpush Launches Contextual Planning Tool Powered by Generative AI

PUBLISH DATE: 26 April 2023

With this launch, Silverpush has strengthened its contextual offering ‘Mirrors’, boosting the cookieless targeting space with next generation AI capabilities.

Silverpush, a Global leader in Cookieless targeting announces – the launch of a contextual planning tool powered by Generative AI. With this launch, Silverpush has strengthened its contextual offering ‘Mirrors’, boosting the cookieless targeting space with next-generation AI capabilities.

Generative AI is a cutting-edge technology that has the potential to revolutionize the way advertisers target their audiences. Unlike traditional AI models that rely on historical data, Generative AI can create new and unique data sets, enabling advertisers to reach audiences that may not have been reachable through traditional methods. This technology can identify patterns and correlations between seemingly unrelated data points, allowing for a more personalized and relevant advertising experience for users.

The Mirrors platform, which is powered by Silverpush’s contextual planning tool, will provide advertisers with access to a wide range of contextual signals that can be used to enhance their ad targeting strategies. By leveraging Generative AI, Mirrors will enable advertisers to understand the nuances of user behavior and preferences, allowing for more accurate targeting and a better user experience.

With the launch of Silverpush’s new contextual planning tool powered by Generative AI, the company is taking a major step forward in the cookieless targeting space. Advertisers can now identify contextually relevant audiences without relying on third-party cookies, which are harder to use due to privacy regulations and browser changes.

In addition, the use of Generative AI will also help to address issues of ad fatigue and frequency capping, which can negatively impact user engagement and ad effectiveness. By creating unique data sets and identifying new audience segments, advertisers can ensure that their ads are reaching the right users at the right time, without overwhelming them with too many ads.

“Overall, the integration of Generative AI into Silverpush’s contextual AI stack represents a major breakthrough in the world of digital advertising. By leveraging this technology, advertisers can overcome the limitations of traditional targeting methods and deliver more personalized, relevant, and effective ad experiences to users.” – said Kartik Mehta, COO & CRO at Silverpush.