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5 Reasons Why You Should Advertise on Snapchat |   19 May, 2022

Snapchat has a global reach with around 320 million active users every day. It is the top 15 widely-used popular social media platforms in the world. There are tons of people who are sharing and creating content every day on Snapchat.

If we talk about the engagement levels, people open the app over 30 times a day, and over 75 percent of 13 to 34-year-olds in the U.S. use the Snapchat app, and on an average over 5 billion Snaps are created every day.

While Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook may enjoy more users than Snapchat every month, using Snapchat for business can still be an excellent way for your brand to reach a new and existing target audience.

If your brand targets Genz and Millennials, then you can use Snapchat as a means to increase user acquisition, brand awareness, and sales.

As per the 2021 Global Cassandra Study commissioned by Snap Inc., it was revealed that Snapchatters hold a whopping $4.4 trillion in global spending power. Thus there is no question that Snapchat has potential in numbers and engagement, thus it is worth a second look. Now the question is how you can use this platform more effectively to get better results.

Buckle up! As we’ve got a guide that will educate you with the basics of Snapchat and walk you through the platform.

Why Advertise on Snapchat?

Snapchat is a great app for you to swap face with your dog or to know how you look in a baby costume? But here we are going to tell you how Snapchat can be used to access a whole slew of untapped marketing opportunities. We have already discussed above the number of people who use the app and how long do they stay active on it. Now that more and more people are switching to digital ways to connect with their friends, they are largely turning to Snapchat for this.

Let’s see the daily user active (DAU) growth of Snapchat worldwide:

  • Globally: In the year 2020, the daily active user growth increased to 20% (30 million).
  • Regionally: Not only globally, but regionally as well, it has witnessed DAU growth.
  • On Devices: DAUs has also increased substantially  on both android and iOS platform.

Which of your Customers are on Snapchat?

It is true that the 13 years old use Snapchat quite often, however, we believe that is not your target audience. The Snapchat generation represents a different kind of shoppers. Thus, targeting the right kind of audience is the key. Take a look at the statistics:

  • Around 51% Snapchat users are above 25 years old.
  • It reaches to 75% of millennials and Gen Z.

Also remember that Snapchat might not be the suitable social media app for every business. But, you can still analyze the needs of your business and take advantage of the app.

Reasons to Use Snapchat for Business

There is no explaining the importance of diversifying media spend across several advertising channels. Thus, it becomes essential to build loyalty with new and existing users. With Snapchat consisting of diverse group, you can easily reach audience of any age group. Here are some of the reasons why you should start advertising on Snapchat. 

1.  Connect with a younger Audience

If your brand wants to target the people under the age of 35, Snapchat is the right place to be. Research from Snapchat states that the social platform has around 75% of millennials and Gen Z and 23% of adults, outpacing TikTok.

Data also illustrates that Snapchat is an evolving platform for the younger audience. On an average, users spend almost 30-40 minutes everyday using Snapchat.

2. Interact with users through your brand

While many users are associating with their friends over Snapchat, they are also quite likely to find new businesses. 

It associates users with brands and influencers via the Discover icon on the right corner of the home screen.

3. Develop brand awareness

A plethora of big brands use Snapchat to grow their business because it’s a proven platform. Whether it’s through funny ads, cool filters or creative stories, Snapchat can help you target a huge audience – because the app has over 269 million daily active users.

For Example: Subway used some kind of animated emojis in their Stories with pictures of their new subwrap to raise awareness. With the help of this technique, they managed to grow their reach by 25%.

4. Build trust

Creating and sharing content on Snapchat isn’t the only way to connect with your audience. It offers your followers an opportunity to reply and send you messages. One can use Snapchat to give personal responses to make your followers feel special. According to the stats, 69% of users say they stop following a particular brand just because they don’t think the brand cares about them. Express to them that you do by not ignoring their texts and that you care about their opinions.

5. Reflect the cooler side of your brand

Suppose, you visited a website and it seemed like it belonged in the 90s, would you feel anything interested or new about the business? Of course not. 

Any customer would want to know you’re using the latest trends in your industry as it shows you’re a leader, and not the follower. They demand innovation. Try stepping into their shoes. 

The way your firm looks and acts has a powerful influence on a person’s opinion of your business. It shows your customers that you’re up-to-date with latest trends and a business they should buy from.


Snapchat is one of the coolest social media platform and it needs to be in your marketing strategy starting today. Around 69% of Snapchat users use the app daily, 48% visit it many a times a day and based on the overall mobile usage, the app holds the second place globally out of every other app.

It reflects how much marketing it can offer. From email and content marketing, we’re now considering apps like Snapchat and TikTok to grow our businesses with wider reach. So, don’t wait, and start snapchat marketing for your brand today!

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