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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Prepare for the Most Digital World Cup |   29 Aug, 2022


The 22nd Edition FIFA World Cup 2022 is about to begin soon. The World cup stimulates a frenzy of marketing activities – both official and unofficial. It is about to kick off before the Black Friday, and with the final seven days before Christmas, making the market more challenging but unique for  the advertisers, and marketers.

Qatar World Cup Audience Projected at 5 Billion this year. According to the official broadcast coverage of 2018 World Cup, a combined 3.572 billion viewers – more than half of the global population aged four and over – tuned in to world football’s ultimate competition. One of the biggest sporting event in terms of viewers is a unique and great opportunity for advertisers to connect with the audience and make an impact.

The key to connect with the audience during game time is to understand how they engage with the content, who they listen to. Here we have highlighted best practices for you to meet your goals.

This World Cup Win Hearts and Mind of the Consumers

Research from Trends shows that brands need to show diversity, promote gender equality, take a stand on social issues, show sustainability in their ads if they are to win hearts and mind of their target audience. The research also found that leveraging high-attention premium publishers during the tournament will be a key highlight for advertisers, as fans go check the scores online (71 percent), while some read online articles about the matches (51 percent).

This will be a huge opportunity for the brand as billions of people intent to follow the game. It is always a massive draw for the brands as the consumers are sticked to their screens in the hope that football will, once again, or this time will come home.

Some Interesting statistics to see:

  • 65 percent of football fans believe that sponsors/ partners of the World Cup to have a business model that supports sustainability.
  • 75 percent of UK consumers intent to watch football at home which means for FMCG brands that these consumers will buy alcohol (65 per cent), and snacks (65 per cent) to see them through the game.
  • Qatar 2022 will be the first World Cup which will take place in an Arab nation.
  • In the year 2018, the sporting event added an estimated $2.4 billion to the global advertising market
  • Around two thirds of the World Cup’s market value comes from Europe.

A Tip for Marketers: Go Beyond Core Football Fans

There is no denying that the appeal of World Cup goes well beyond hard core football fans. Considering this, advertisers are advised to develop creative that speaks to a broader audience to stand out from the wild competition.

Take a Bet on ‘Crunch Time’

More and more viewers are consuming football content on Youtube. Football related searches on Youtube increased to 80% since Euro 2020. More searches means more viewing. And after years of not being able to watch sports in-person, there is definitely an adrenalin rush among people to go back to stadium to watch the match live.

The online offering of 2018 FIFA World Cup surpassed its offline one. The event welcomed three million in-person attendees, however, it also saw three billion Google searches, and five billion views on Youtube for World Cup related content.

How to Connect with Fans while They are Online?
There is a curiosity for the World Cup since it is going to be held after pandemic, thus being present online is a big plus.
  • Connective with the audience after a match is over can be a bit difficult. For Search campaigns, Mirrors 360 by Silverpush deploy your ads where your fans are searching. Football fans are looking for match highlights, goal scores, and more content online after the match is over.
  • Using the AI technology, high performing, and emerging queries on top of your exact/ phrase keywords are identified, allowing your ad to appear on searched which are closely related to the meaning of your keyword.
  • In addition to this, the deep learning technology also identify the headline and description combinations to ensure that your brand delivers the right ad to the right person.

Kick a Goal Across Different Screens

The modern football fan is like any other shopper, who is happy to jump from one device to another to find information and until they meet their needs. However, younger demographics are a little difficult to crack. Getting their sporting fix online, there is no surprise that ad campaigns combining TV and YouTube can help the advertisers to achieve some mind blowing results.

In comparison to TV alone, a mix of 9:1 of TV and YouTube can yield an additional 33% of reach. Isn’t that a great number to see for your ad campaign?

Connected TV (CTV) has already started to change the game of digital advertising. Giving brands additional time to interact with their consumers, CTV advertising could be a game changer for many – especially during the peak shopping season. Reports have suggested that 60% year over year growth of people watching football content on the platform via their TVs. Clearly indicating that TV screen is the fastest growing screen for YouTube watchtime.

Football fans targeting on different platforms

Interact with Excited Football Fans During Game Time

Silverpush offers three advanced AI solutions which solves the major challenges of the brand –

  • Reaching the audience at key moments without hampering their entertainment
  • Deployed ads which are relevant to the target audience, thus keeping the engagement with the brand intact.

Eager to know the name of these solution products? Let’s take a look at these products and monetize on  the excitement of FIFA fans.

Parallels Sports Sync

Silverpush’s sports sync helps brands maximize their brand exposure by triggering digital ads based on real-time sporting events. Advertisers can now automatically deliver cross-channel ads coordinated with trigger game moments like halftime; team moments such as scoring a goal, timeout or penalty; player moments such as celebrating a goal, winning a trophy in FIFA World Cup.

For the brands, the fact that they have the ability to sync digital message with real-time game moments offers relevancy for the product. It provides connected context to search, social, and display experiences, a game-changer for driving excellent results. And Parallels Sports Sync by Silverpush is at the forefront of these market trends.

Parallels Sports Sync truly guarantees to seize the moment and help the brands to deliver right ad to the right audience on the right device at the right moment.



Mirrors by Silverpush is world’s first in-video context technology. The artificial intelligence (AI)-powered technology delivers more relevant in-video ads by identifying key contexts like celebrities, brands, objects, emotions, and everything related to football. It places your ad when consumers are most likely to engage without annoying the game enthusiasts. Mirrors has a huge amount of data already pre-processed and curated by the AI/ML models. Also, it has years of data for YouTube to boost the ad performance of brands. 

This AI technology is available on the following platforms –

  • Youtube
  • Social Media
  • Open Web

So, now the question is what does this means to you? Honestly, a whole package, let us try to list them all.

  1. Precise content curation
  2. Granular audience targeting
  3. Higher engagment
  4. Enhanced user experience
  5. Positive brand recall
  6. Data privacy compliance


End Note

Silverpush has a goal to put you where your audience is without hampering your brand reputation or invading user’s privacy. Remember, it’s not everyday that half of the world is watching your ad. Contact us and let us help you hit the back of the net with our World Cup advertising deep machine learning solutions.

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