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A New Era of Online Video Ads: Dynamic Video Optimization

PUBLISH DATE: 19 September 2023
A new era of video advertising with Dynamic Video Optimization

Dynamic Video Optimization may seem like a concept straight out of a sci-fi movie, but it’s very much a futuristic reality. This cutting-edge technology empowers brands to seamlessly integrate text, audio, or images into their videos, creating an endless array of variations from a single video source. This innovative approach enables brands to tailor their videos to reach specific audiences, paving the way for precision-focused video marketing strategies in their media plans.

Why is this particularly crucial, especially in the current landscape? The reason lies in the explosive surge of video viewership, especially on mobile devices, on a global scale. As this arena continues to expand rapidly, brands are challenged to discover fresh and inventive methods to distinguish themselves among their intended viewers. 

Why Interactive Video Ads Are an Asset? 

The average daily time people spend consuming online videos has surged dramatically, increasing by more than fourfold since the global pandemic. This upward trajectory is further propelled by the widespread adoption of mobile devices.

Interactive video has quickly become a widely used marketing tool as brands are turning every stone for consumers’ attention. According to a study by Spiel Creative, almost 90% of marketers after incorporating interactive video noted a growth in their online sales, and over 85% said that they would create more interactive videos in the future

Enhance Your Brand’s Presence with Compelling Video Content

Brands are increasingly embracing video content enriched with customized messaging, finely tuned for specific audiences. When compared to traditional display advertising, video marketing emerges as a significantly more dynamic and interactive medium, consistently demonstrating its ability to foster heightened engagement and subtly captivate customers.

Challenge with Videos on The Open Internet

So, why are brands hesitant to leverage this technology more for their ad campaigns? Why aren’t videos dynamic? One and only issue that limits the potential of a video marketing campaign is the amount of customization that can be done. Video ads today are generic and communicate the same story to all users – unlike display ads which are increasingly becoming more dynamic with widely available solutions. 

Adding to the above, video production also presents its own challenges which include: lengthy planning periods, high production costs and long lead-up times. Add customization to it, and it becomes even more complex. 

A Next-Gen AI Solution: Crafters

Crafters is an innovative AI tool to create dynamic video ads that allow brands to dynamically embed interactive elements within their videos to generate unlimited video variations – cutting down on efforts, costs, time, and planning. Text is integrated using the brand’s native font type.

A brand develops a single video to showcase its latest offer. With Crafters, a different message can be shown to the user depending on multiple factors. A popular streaming platform used Crafters to increase brand awareness for their new show, in which viewers could pick a character based on the video for which that specific character is played. 

Here’s a photo from the original video: 

Video ad without dynamic optimization

Here is an image of videos generated by Crafters that speak to a viewer’s preferences:

Video ad with dynamic optimization

Our innovative AI technology allowed the brand to customize a variety of messages around the themes of characters. The campaign allowed the brand to transform its simple video ad for a new TV series into a powerful and targeted message delivered to the intended audience.

Digital Video Advertising is Ruling the Next Decade

PUBLISH DATE: 22 August 2022

Are you using digital video advertising as part of your marketing strategy? Because your competitors certainly are! 

Every day, viewers viewed over 1 billion hours of video on YouTube, according to the company. Nowadays, browsing the internet is just like viewing a never-ending cycle of videos.

The modern web is now driven by video in ways that did not seem possible even 15 years ago, owing largely to the pervasiveness of personal mobile devices and ubiquitous, dependable high-speed internet connections.

Digital strategists are using an incredible quantity of video content for their insatiable audience to consume at will on all sorts of websites, from social platforms to news organizations to corporate pages.

We’ve made a lot of progress since the late 2000s when the only place to watch videos on the internet was YouTube.

However, there are now several sites where the audience can view videos. Snapchat is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, thanks partly to its video stories, and Instagram has seen success by adopting a similar feature on its site.

According to research, over 86% of organizations used videos for marketing in 2021. Video advertising may increase your brand’s online exposure in search results, social media, and elsewhere on the internet.

Top 5 Reasons Why Video Advertising is Going to Dominate the Next Decade

Whether you open your laptop, unlock your phone, or turn on your smart TV, you can’t avoid video content, so embrace it. ‘Digital video advertising will rule the next decade,’ they predict. Read the top 5 reasons listed below to know why.

Online Content is Driven by Videos

It is evident that video dominates internet traffic, with video expected to account for 82 percent of worldwide internet traffic by 2022. Every month, 85 percent of internet users watch at least one online video, and 54 percent want to see more video content from their favorite brands and organizations. This is a large market of content-seeking consumers, so it’s no wonder that 87 percent of marketing professionals utilize video advertising.

High Engagement is from Video Advertising

Video content has no competition in terms of social media engagement. When compared to photo postings, video posts had 135 percent more organic reach on Facebook. Similarly, video postings on Instagram received twice as much interaction as images. The more your involvement, the more eyeballs will be drawn to your goods. You’ll have the highest chance of reaching the most influential audience if you use video content.

Sales are Boosted by Video Advertising

According to a recent consumer survey, 84 percent of people were driven to buy a product or service after seeing a video. Prioritizing video marketing will enhance brand recognition and pay dividends in the long run. 73 percent of customers say a brand’s social media presence affected their shopping decisions, while 84 percent said a brand’s video influenced their decision to buy a specific product. Clearly, video advertising is profitable, since 88% of video marketers are pleased with the ROI of their social media initiatives.

Video Advertising doesn’t have to Be Expensive

Many business owners still associate video advertising with television, where a single ad might cost thousands of dollars.

Because of the internet’s convenience, video advertising does not require nearly as much financial commitment as it once did. User-generated content may be your best choice if you’re searching for an inexpensive approach to leverage video advertising to develop a personal connection with your audience.

The most important thing to remember when using video is that you are achieving your marketing objectives. Whether it’s increasing your social media following, communicating with existing consumers, or increasing sales, video content may be a great weapon in your marketing arsenal.

Videos can be Shared

One of the most appealing aspects of video content, particularly on social media, is how easily it can be shared. Text and photos are shared 12 times more than social video. Video content is shared by 92 percent of mobile video viewers, and videos are six times more likely to be retweeted than images, according to Twitter.

Digital Video Advertising is Growing

Video advertising is one of the most popular forms of advertising nowadays. Digital video advertising is anticipated to reach $20.1 billion in 2022, with expenditure on video commercials reaching $9.26 billion by 2024. Companies have discovered that retraining customers to accept and even anticipate video at every step may have several benefits.

Because video has become such a natural part of the web surfing experience, advertisers can utilize it to instantly engage their audience as if it were something they had intentionally sought out.

Leveraging Personal Meaning to Deeply Engage with Consumers

PUBLISH DATE: 03 March 2021
video marketing

Across the globe, people are increasingly watching online videos. Research shows that viewers have a deeper personal connection with the video content they consume. Understanding this connection can help marketers in meaningfully communicating and engaging with consumers.

A survey study was conducted by Google in July 2020 and involved about twenty-eight hundred British YouTube viewers. In-depth interviews were carried out with a further thirty-two viewers. Viewers were asked about their feelings after watching YouTube videos. The findings of the study shed light on the deeply personal meaning behind the videos. To brands and YouTube ad targeting companies, this study provides actionable insights regarding the content viewers consume and why.

The study found that videos watched by the participants, to a greater or lesser extent, made them feel an emotion of some type. In order to better understand people’s engagement with the videos, the study went beyond the feelings of happiness, sadness, and indifference. The study considered a different dimension of personal meaning. It considered the connection that a participant had with a YouTube video due to his/her specific requirements, passions, or experiences.

The study found that a popular video of ducks eating peas evoked a feeling of happiness in all those participants who watched it, but when they were specifically asked why, different nuances surfaced. One of the respondents said that the video provided a hilarious way for entertaining a toddler. Another person said that the video reminded him of his grandparents and growing up on a farmland. One of the participants said that the video confirmed the rightness of his vegetarian diet for him. Thus, the personal meaning behind the feeling of happiness varied from participant to participant.

Brands and their partner video advertising companies can drive a deeper connection with consumers by leveraging personal meaning. A video is personally meaningful for someone when it resonates with him or her in any of these ways, viz. – by providing information; by reminding memories, beliefs or values, or evoking a feeling of connection to others; or by providing inspiration to grow and become better. The most personally meaningful videos resonate with viewers in multiple ways.

The survey found that fifty-two percent of the participants felt that the videos they watched recently offered information, made them learn something, or grew their view of the world. Thirty-four percent of the participants felt that the videos they watched recently reminded them of memories, beliefs or values, or evoked a feeling of connection to others. Thirteen percent felt that recently watched videos offered them inspiration to grow and become better. A brand and its partner online video advertising agency can effectively engage with consumers by using online videos that provide them information to close the voids in their understanding and education.

The survey provided an interesting finding that videos with low view counts do not imply low meaning. This also holds true quite often for the opposite. The survey showed that videos in the long tail having low view counts were more likely to be personally meaningful in comparison to the videos having high view counts. Also, YouTube videos with less views had a greater chance of being described by people as having multiple kinds of personal meaning.

The survey found that content on YouTube was ten times more likely to evoke the feeling of happiness in people in comparison to sadness. Music was one of the categories of YouTube content most likely to make people happy. It resonated with people by reminding them of memories, beliefs or values, or by evoking a feeling of connection to others. Music also secured topmost ranks for relaxation and nostalgia.

Due to the diverse and extensive range of content on YouTube, users are able to find personally meaningful content. For marketers, it is not important to find out the specific reason why a person watches a video. What is important is to comprehend the framework of personal meaning and put this understanding into action.

YouTube content in the long tail is highly personally meaningful and satisfies the needs of people in specific ways. Marketers should create campaigns around these specialized pieces of content having small-sized but highly engaged audiences.

Music is a highly valuable category of content. It provides happiness and relaxation to people, and informs them of their identity. Marketers who run their YouTube campaigns around these moments can draw great benefits from deeply personal responses. Marketers can make use of music lineups offered by YouTube Select to effectively engage with music fans.

Marketers can make use of tools such as Find My Audience in order to connect with YouTube users in personally meaningful moments. This tool helps marketers to go beyond demographics in order to discover audiences who matter most to them. It helps marketers in finding audiences on the basis of habits, what they are planning to buy, etc.

By leveraging personal meaning, brands and their partner YouTube marketing companies can deeply engage with audiences and deliver tangible results.