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The Super Bowl Spectacle: Advertisers Paradise

PUBLISH DATE: 14 November 2023

The Super Bowl, a pinnacle event in American sports culture, is more than just a championship game; it’s an advertising extravaganza that captivates millions of viewers. According to recent statistics, the 2023 Super Bowl garnered a viewership of over 120 million people, solidifying its position as one of the most-watched television events in the United States. The estimated ad cost for this year’s event has surged to a staggering $6 million for a 30-second spot, showcasing the monumental significance of advertising during this broadcast.

For brands and advertisers, the Super Bowl represents an unparalleled opportunity to make a lasting impact and amplify their message to a massive and engaged audience.

Online video is changing what it means to be a Sports fan

Being a sports fan isn’t just about watching the game live on TV anymore. There are three trends related to sports content on YouTube, showing that today’s sports fans are becoming even more passionate thanks to online videos.

There is more to the game for sports fandom

  • 50%+ growth in watchtime of “funny” sports videos on Youtube
  • 60%+ growth in watchtime of sports “interview” videos on Youtube.

Reach Sports fans where they are watching on their terms

  • 70 out of the top 100 sports videos on Youtube have titles like “great”, “greatest”, or “best”.
  • 90+ growth in searches for football “highlight” videos on Youtube.

Sports fans are hungry for the good stuff

  • 80% of sports fans says they use a computer or smartphone while watching live sports on TV.
  • 30% of sports fans say they prefer to watch live sports on their smartphone or table

Mirrors – Silverpush’s Advanced Contextual Solutions For The Big Game

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising, Silverpush stands at the forefront, providing advanced contextual solutions tailored to the grandeur of the Super Bowl. With its pioneering Mirrors offering, Silverpush introduces a paradigm shift in the industry of video context-driven precise targeting.

Complete brand safety and suitability are ensured, accompanied by data-driven ad performance that empowers brands to align their advertisements with relevant and high-performing content. The result? Enhanced engagement and amplified brand recall, a winning formula for any advertiser looking to make their mark during the Super Bowl frenzy.

Leveraging precise targeting, Silverpush’s technology correlates engagement metrics with contextual relevance, ensuring that high-performing and relevant videos are exclusively targeted. Moreover, the platform draws the strengths of:
1. Multivariate testing to decipher audience preferences and refine advertising strategies accordingly.
2. Dynamic campaign delivery that automates and optimizes campaigns in real-time, mitigating ad wastage and maximizing impact.

Building a Super Bowl Targeting Profile With Mirrors Generative AI

In the quest to capitalize on the vast potential of the Super Bowl audience, advertisers often encounter the challenge of reaching untapped or overlooked demographics. This is where Silverpush’s Mirrors Gen AI steps in, reforming the way advertisers approach audience targeting during the Super Bowl.

By understanding the intricacies of audience behavior and content consumption, Mirrors Gen AI unlocks a treasure trove of insights, enabling advertisers to tap into previously uncharted territories.

Tap Into The Overlooked & Untapped Audience – The Process

Every time a consumer navigates the online sphere, they leave behind a trail of digital footprints, revealing their intent and preferences. From the articles they pursue to the devices they utilize, these subtle cues serve as valuable indicators for advertisers seeking to connect with their target audience.

Mirrors Generative AI comprehensively maps these nuanced patterns by employing a two-pronged approach:
Scanning across the Internet: By meticulously scrutinizing webpages, surveys, and a myriad of Openweb content, the technology delves deep into the nuances of consumer behavior, surpassing surface-level understanding to unearth invaluable insights.

Analyzing historical data: Leveraging the power of predictive AI, Mirrors Gen AI extrapolates future outcomes based on historical data patterns and campaign-specific information, enabling advertisers to make informed decisions tailored to the Super Bowl audience’s preferences.

In essence, Silverpush’s Mirrors Gen AI identifies correlations between audience personas and contextual factors, enabling advertisers to strike the perfect balance between scale and propensity to act, all while aligning with the specific KPIs of their advertising campaigns.

Make Your Mark At The Super Bowl: Explore Mirrors Gen AI – Book A Demo Today!

Finding Needle in a Haystack with Mirrors Generative AI

PUBLISH DATE: 27 September 2023

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, understanding your audience is paramount to success. The ability to connect with your target audience is the key to achieving your goals. But how can you ensure that you’re reaching the right people in a world overflowing with information?

Understanding Audience Intent Consumption with AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a game-changer in the world of advertising especially when it comes to analysing vast amounts of information and extracting meaningful insights to help identify & understand the target audience better.

AI-powered tools can help advertisers to analyze consumer behaviour patterns, purchasing habits, social media interactions, and online content consumption to uncover valuable information about consumer preferences and sentiments. By leveraging this technology, brands can gain a deeper understanding of their target market, identify emerging trends, and refine their brand values accordingly.

Furthermore, AI algorithms can spot trends and connections in consumer data, which helps businesses match their brand values with what their audience wants. This analysis helps brands create messages, designs, and marketing plans that really connect with their target customers.

Crafting Compelling Brand Stories Using Generative AI

Mirrors Generative AI is a contextual planning tool designed by Silverpush to help advertisers reach their overlooked and untapped audience in the cookieless era. Its real power lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate AI as a co-pilot to human intelligence. The advanced technology builds a comprehensive context list, well aligned with the audience’s personas and their direct and alternate interests. This enables advertisers to reach untapped/overlooked yet relevant audiences, resulting in enhancing incremental reach.

How does Mirrors Generative AI Understand Audience Intentions and Content Consumption Patterns?

1. Scanning Across the Internet

Every time a consumer goes online, they express their intent in countless ways. From the content they read, what they search for, the type of device they access it on, and the time of day.

The technology scans web pages, surveys, and a wide range of content on the open web, examining each word with precision. This enables Mirrors Generative AI to uncover content consumption patterns, decipher meaning, and extract valuable insights that surpass surface-level understanding.

Mirrors Generative AI suggested personas and content themes are delivered through machine learning and constantly verified using up-to-date panel data. They are robust, trustworthy, and completely free from human bias.

2. Predictive Audience Insights

Mirrors Generative AI doesn’t stop at understanding and personalizing content; it can also predict audience behaviour. By analyzing large datasets, AI models can identify patterns and trends that human analysts might miss. This allows advertisers to anticipate changes in user behaviour and adjust their strategies accordingly.

For example, if the AI predicts that a certain segment of the audience is likely to show increased interest in fitness products during the summer months, advertisers can proactively target that segment with relevant campaigns.

3. Mapping Audience Personas to Contextual Intelligence

It identifies patterns and correlations between audience personas and contextual factors, to uncover commonalities, preferences, and behaviours within specific contexts. This mapping exercise determines personas are likely to respond favourably to specific contextual elements. Achieving high engagement relies on targeting diverse audience personas with their specific interests in the right moment and context. However, advertisers still rely on manual context-building methods, which, despite their partial success, have several limitations.


Finding new target audiences can feel a lot like searching for a needle in a haystack. But, through Mirrors Generative AI, advertisers can identify net new audiences across hundreds of millions of potential consumers. Generative AI is a look ahead of the fast-paced evolution of technology, helping audience discovery using different models to reinvent the way work is done.

TET 2024: Market Insights and Consumer Behavior

PUBLISH DATE: 22 September 2023
TET 2024

Tet 2024, the Lunar New Year in Vietnam, is not just a celebration – it’s a vibrant explosion of culture and tradition that paints the country in hues of hope, renewal, and good fortune. 

Imagine the excitement of spring’s arrival, the anticipation of a fresh start on the lunar calendar, and the universal embrace of good luck. Tet is all of this and more.

You must be wondering, why all this talk about Tet. 

Well, understanding Tet and diving into the deep well of its cultural customs and rituals is the golden key for advertisers. It’s the secret sauce to connect with Vietnamese consumers during this grand season of celebration.

Why is TET 2024 a Big Opportunity for Advertisers?

The Tet celebrations in Vietnam are a big deal, not just culturally but also for businesses. Before Tet, people spent twice as much as usual. They do this to give family and business associates gifts and enjoy time with loved ones.

For many companies, whether they do well or not during Tet can make or break their entire year. According to a report by Cimigo, brands that make spirits see up to 60% of their yearly sales in the six weeks leading up to Tet. 

Beer sales go up by 30%, and things like soft drinks, biscuits, and candy also sell a lot more. People also use this time to refresh their homes and themselves, so sales in personal care, fashion, home appliances, and building materials go up.

Most people shop for Tet at supermarkets and wet markets, but personal care products sell well online.

In Tet 2023, Vietnamese people are feeling positive and plan to spend more on travel and shopping, especially for things like mobile phones, motorbikes, and appliances.

Consumer Trends During TET 2024

  1. The typical Vietnamese shopper plans to spend approximately $100 during the Tet period.
  2. Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) will make up the majority, accounting for 60% of online sales.
  3. Among product categories, beverages are expected to be the top choice, with a growth rate of 20%.
  4. Half of the shoppers are looking for personalized and tailored shopping experiences.
  5. A significant 80% of shoppers intend to utilize social media platforms for product research.
  6. Around 20% of shoppers are interested in live-streaming shopping to engage in real-time interactions while making their purchases.

How Should Brands Reach the Vietnamese Audiences During TET 2024?

Mirrors and Parallels, the two AI-powered brand-suitable solutions of Silverpush can help brands and agencies reach their Vietnamese audiences contextually this Chinese New Year. Let’s see how: 

Real-Time Ad Sync

Leverage the festive season of the Chinese New Year to capitalize on cross-screen behavior through real-time syncing of TV ads with digital ads on social media platforms with geo and demographic targeting. Our technology identifies real-time Tet-related triggers on TV to synchronize your brand ads.

Competition Sync

Stay ahead of the competition by targeting your competitor’s screen time.

Self/Competitor Sync

Enhance ad recall by syncing your TV and digital ads.

Outsmart competitors by triggering your digital ads alongside competitor’s TV ads


Activate mobile ads when consumers are in proximity to stores or marketplaces.


Mirrors serves contextual ads by detecting faces, logos, objects, places, actions, and on-screen text (in 500+ Chinese New Year contexts) to capture your audience’s attention across multiple platforms and increase brand awareness during this opportune time. 


Mirrors can identify key moments on YouTube, such as shopping, traditional recipes, TET preparation, and home decor, to strategically place your ads when users are most engaged and in a completely brand-safe environment. 


On Meta, Mirrors can identify Tet-related content across popular pages and contexts, ensuring your ads reach audiences when they’re most likely to engage.


Mirrors can craft tailored contextual segments for the Tet festival, allowing advertisers to target audiences based on Tet-related search intent

To boost Tet campaign viewability, advertisers can utilize Crafters‘ interactive Tet elements from the curated gallery or create custom interactive ads.


In a nutshell, Tet is a vibrant season of celebration and spending in Vietnam, making it a prime opportunity for brands to engage with consumers and boost their sales. By embracing innovative advertising technologies like Mirrors and Parallels and understanding the cultural significance of Tet, advertisers can make the most of this festive occasion and ensure a prosperous start to the Lunar New Year.

How Does Silverpush Ensure Brand Safety and Suitability on YouTube? 

PUBLISH DATE: 17 October 2022

Silverpush ensures that brand advertisements are displayed on brand-safe content without over blocking their reach.

In an age where consumers increasingly choose to watch videos on demand, YouTube has become the most popular video platform worldwide. 

According to a survey done on YouTube, there are 2.1 billion YouTube users worldwide and around 500M hours of video content is uploaded to the video platform every minute.

The video giant has become the leading online destination for millions of users from around the world. YouTube has 81% reach in the United States, and its mobile versions are doing equally well abroad.

As we can witness an increasing number of consumers shifting to the digital sphere, the necessity to maintain brand safety and suitability on YouTube has also risen.

YouTube advertisers demand campaigns that are not only safe and suitable but those that perform well. 

Unfortunately, often it happens that the measures they’re taking for safety and suitability are so restrictive that the good content along with the bad gets blocked from the ads getting displayed on it. This affects both scale and ad performance negatively. 

This blog is for every agency, advertiser, or publisher who is on the lookout for best practices to ensure brand suitability on YouTube at every stage of their ad campaign.

Demand for Brand Safety and Suitability Worldwide

37% of media agencies believe that without brand suitability measures, ads may serve in unsafe contexts.

Brand safety and company suitability are always changing and play an important part in sustaining a brand’s reputation in the digital advertising sphere.

Brand safety policies have been highlighted by digital marketers, agencies, and media alike. This is critical if you do not want to lose clients as a result of poor brand alignment.

Even after spending millions of dollars on advertising, any company would not want to mix fake news with genuine digital advertising.

During the COVID-19 times, the industry has seen an inclination toward brand suitability. Customers demand more from brands and want more control and confidence in the solutions they use.

Brand suitability bridges the risk-opportunity gap by enabling digital marketers to target safe, acceptable, and brand-building material using context-based restrictions.

Challenges Faced with Brand Safety and Suitability on YouTube

Brand safety is concerned with preventing the loss of trust between a brand and a customer. This is because, without trust, income, brand equity, and consumer interests are lowered or eliminated.

The solution to this challenge is a transparent digital advertising brand safety vendor relationship.

Advertisers must understand that the brand safety approach used for their digital advertising initiatives works at the speed of culture. 

This can help in absorbing new issues as they arise, and does not over-block information or allow unsafe/unsuitable content to pass through.

This happens mostly during keyword blocking and domain-level allow and blocklisting. Many keywords with varied meanings and URL domains that store information on a wide range of topics are shelved as a result of over-blocking.

Many businesses fail to implement brand suitability successfully owing to an inability to identify a holistic solution.

According to a recent survey, 49% of marketers have experienced brand suitability failure, 54% have faced customer antagonism, and 44% have lost money as a result.

How Silverpush Ensures Brand Safety and Suitability on YouTube?

Mirrors by Silverpush is the world’s first AI-Powered in-video context detection technology that is redefining the limits of contextual brand suitability for YouTube advertising. 

The technology drives greater campaign transparency and unlocks potential performance for advertisers wishing to avoid unsuitable content or categories of lesser relevance to the brand.

It focuses not only on brand safety but also on context-relevant brand suitability. Brand safety controls are delivered without killing your reach and tackle the problems of over-blocking.

Deeply trained proprietary AI models recognize custom-defined dangerous circumstances in streaming video, such as faces, actions, objects, and sceneries. These films are divided into several categories, including smoking, adult, violence, crashes, guns, terrorism, and others.

Along with this, it also focuses on brand suitability through text & sentiment analysis, engagement metrics, and organic influence at the video level.

Brand suitability is no longer only about safeguarding your brand; it is also about how marketers may choose which types of content providers to support with ad dollars.

Early Holiday Shopping Trends for 2022 Festive Season

PUBLISH DATE: 09 September 2022

It’s a timeless truth. Brands face some fierce competition in every holiday season to drive consumer attention and increase their sales. To make your brand stand apart during holiday shopping and the mega sales days, they need to invest in the right combination of planning, strategy, personalization and technology.

During and after Covid, our lives have changed a lot. One that seen shifts in how we work, how we connect, or how we shop. And every changes comes with its challenges. While technology is emerging that seeks to support businesses in the face of transformation.

Though so much is changing around us, but there are some habits which are constant. Humans need and holiday shopping habit are still the same. Modern technology has adapted to deliver on timeless human needs in new ways.

Companies have managed to meet these expectation during key shopping moments through the advanced technology methods.

Four Phases to Make your Business’s Best 2022 Holiday Season Year

To help your brand navigate the 2022 holiday shopping season, here are the early retail trends and consumer behaviors you need to take a look at:

  • Establish a solid campaign foundation: Build up a strong data, creative, media and measurement growth well ahead of your sales event.
  • Reach customers early: Take advantage of cost-efficient impressions early to reach shoppers early this holiday season. Be on the top of mind with shoppers.
  • Maximize purchases: Build a momentum for your brand and maximize purchases when purchasing is at its peak.
  • Be on their mind: Stay on top of mind and drive loyalty with your newly acquired customers.

Holiday Shopping Starts Much Earlier

With the rise of ecommerce, the number of online shoppers worldwide is also increasing with it. In 2021, the number of digital buyers is at 2.14 billion. This means that 27.6 percent of 7.74 billion people in the world were shopping online.

More than one out of every four people does online shopping.

Moving money via the internet is no longer reserved for traders and investors. Anyone and everyone who has access to it is now able to send money online.

People are exploring and cataloging ideas for their holiday shopping much earlier than you are expecting. It is surprising to know that not weeks, but months before the craze for holiday season begins. This revelation is essential for every business – understand if people are planning their shopping earlier, you need to plan your marketing much earlier to keep up with the pace of your customers. Don’t wait for the season to just begin or your promotions will be left in the dust.

Reach Your Most Enthusiastic Customers 

Connect with the household CEOs – a broader audience that purchases and spends the most. Get in touch with them first and you have higher chance to be their first choice for shopping.

Who Spends the Most Online?

Rank Country Ecommerce Spend Per Capita
1 United Kingdom $4,201
2 United States $3,428
3 South Korea $2,591
4 France $1,946
5 China $1,855
6 Australia $1,764
7 Canada $1,746
8 Japan $1,488
9 Israel $1,361
10 Germany $1,283

When you connect with the early planners, you connect with the household CEOs – a larger audience that purchases and spends more. Get in touch with them first and you have the chance to be their first choice for shopping.

Who is Spending the Most?

Younger shoppers are more likely to increase their shopping budget than their older counterparts, but will spend the lowest proportion (63%) online. 

Even though marketers and businesses have prioritized these planner-type shoppers, however they often make assumptions about the timings of their promotions.

Realize that customers will not wait around – in fact, they have started earlier than ever. 46% of consumers surveyed by the National Retail Federation already started their shopping earlier than ever. In the early November survey, 61% consumers said that they already started shopping for the holiday.  Shockingly, more than one-quarter completes their total holiday shopping by early November.

What Changed the Consumers Behavior?

Some may start their shopping earlier in the year to help budget their purchases instead of spending a big sum all at once. This is a continuing trend since the 2021 holiday season, when consumers start their holiday shopping earlier than ever due to growing supply chain and issues during shopping. The shopping concerns are compounding due to growing interest rates and overall inflation.

There are other emotional reasons too as to why shoppers are starting earlier than anticipated. People nowadays crave the comfort of the holidays after a tough year. What was once more like a chore, now feels special – meeting family members, having good food, the excitement of opening and exchanging gifts – all these have taken a new meaning. Consumers now look forward to holiday season more than ever, and that’s what motivates them to buy earlier.

Silverpush’s AI Technology Capabilities puts You Where Your Audience Is

Finally a platform that understands how content is consumed today and how advertisers can reach them. A platform that understands as people move across screens, advertisers need to adapt instantly.

Introducing Silverpush!

World’s leading digital marketing solution provider. Silverpush’s advanced AI technology makes it easy to find your audience—no matter where they are, no matter what they’re watching. The company is built on three fundamental pillars – contextual advertising across different platforms, brand safety, and value of consumers privacy.

Introducing Mirrors – Future of Digital Advertising


Keep this in mind when moving forward with your holiday marketing.

Traditional advertising campaigns on YouTube and Social Media pose the biggest challenge for the brand:

  1. Serves ads to anyone it identifies as looking for remotely similar to your brand or product, regardless of whether the ad would be appealing to the audience at the moment they are viewing it leading to ad wastage.
  2. Brand Safety and suitability issues which result in low VTRs, hence the low consumer engagement with the brand.

Mirrors by Silverpush is a one-stop solutions for these. It is world’s in-video context detection technology. Our advanced AI technology helps you to grab people’s attention by reaching them at the right moment, without the use of personal data.

Mirrors scan through in-video contexts such as faces, logos, objects, actions, and places ads in a brand suitable environment where users are most likely to engage. Our deep machine learning technology intelligently detects unsafe content and avoids placing ad on such. 

Give us a call and reach the enthusiastic customers this holiday season.

Parallels – Conquer Competition through TV Sync Technology

Parallels – TV sync technology by Silverpush, conveys your brand message to the TV audience at the right time and garner their attention. Parallels – real time ad tracking technology reach TV distracted audiences in real time. Digital campaigns are triggered after a TV ad of competition brands and self is detected live on TV.

The advanced AI technology syncs social, display and video ads to real-life moments, enabling an enhanced connection with consumers around live events, as they happen.

Brands can also maximize brand exposure through real-time sporting events. Our human augment AI technology solution automatically triggers digital ads based on live moments, runs contextual creatives, and syncs digital ad placement during TV commercials.

Want to know more about our products, we are just a call away!

FAQs on Mirrors

PUBLISH DATE: 29 August 2022

In today’s time, it’s tough to imagine a world without the Internet. As of 2022, 69% of the world’s population, or 4.9 billion people, actively uses the internet. 

Marketing is and will always be referred to as reaching customers where they are. TV commercials, print advertisements, billboards are all attempts to do that. Nearly every business benefits from an online presence. 

The key is to reach customers – and potential customers – in their right frame of mind. With more and more consumers shopping and researching products online, it’s become critical for companies to recognize the importance of contextual advertising. Considering that over 4.9 billion people are on the Internet, it’s a great opportunity for agencies to reach leads that are looking for their business.

The question is in the crowded space of Internet, how are agencies and advertisers supposed to outshine from their competitors? 

That’s where Mirrors by Silverpush comes in. 

What is Mirrors?

With user privacy gaining importance, advertisers must find a solution that does not intrude on users’ privacy. Mirrors is a platform that targets contextually by leveraging AI-powered human-augmented technology. Mirrors also ensures content-aligned ad placement as well as 100% brand safety and suitability, which is unique to each brand.

What are the Platforms on Which Mirrors Work?


  • YouTube
  • Non-YouTube Videos
  • Display (Web pages and Apps)


  • Facebook
  • Instagram

What are the Pillars for Mirrors by Silverpush?

The four basic pillars and processes for Mirrors are as follows –

1. Contextual Targeting

Custom targeting & exclusion themes are defined for each campaign, based on brand objectives and specific KPIs. 

2. Brand Suitability

A dedicated team detects in-video contexts basis defined inclusion/exclusion themes, and accurately classifies content at video level into relevant buckets including unsafe content

Platform further analyses human classified content, enabling more granular buckets – for instance videos content featuring multiple contexts. 

3. Custom Contextual Creatives

Video or channels’ performance metrics, safety assessment, engagement levels, organic influence and growth momentum. 

4. Final Ad placement

Ad is finally placed across relevant, brand suitable and high performing content. 

How Does Mirrors Work?

Mirrors work by identifying faces, logos, objects, places, actions, on-screen text, and audio for precise targeting. It is explained below how it works on various platforms:

Mirrors for YouTube

Video has taken center stage as 95% of an ad message is retained by video while only 10% in text. Moreover, 73% of users agreed that contextual ad complements the video experience, compared to 55% of channel level & 47% at audience level targeting. 

Thus, Mirrors for YouTube identifies faces, logos, objects, places, actions, on-screen text and audio sentiment to serve ads in line with video content, that users are actively engaging with. Our human augmented AI technology accurately detects harmful contexts across categories including nudity, hate speech, smoking, alcohol, violence and more. It intelligently blocks only unsafe ad placements without over-blocking or killing reach 


Click Here to see the demo for Mirrors.

Mirrors for Social

During the second quarter of 2022, Meta has stated that 3.65 billion people were using its core products (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Messenger) each month. With roughly 2.93 billion monthly active users in 2022, Facebook is one of the most used online social network worldwide. Mirrors on Social works in the following way –

  • A relevant brand-safe page has been selected and processed to derive contextual signals, interest, etc. using AI&ML, and NLP models. 
  • Then, relevant ads are targeted based on the signals.


Mirrors for OpenWeb

Advertisers and brands can unlock the full context contextually target most relevant and suitable text, image and video content.

  • Mirrors AI technology analyzes the complete content like Videos, Text, & Images to create contextual content buckets. 
  • The AI technology then places video ads in the relevant content pages & OTT videos – in-stream and out-stream. 


Why Should You Choose Mirrors?

Traditional methods of keywords and affinity based targeting without context can lead to ad waste. Mirrors is a platform that is devoid of these problems. 

  • Minimize Ad wastage
  • Higher effective ROI
  • Enhanced user experience 
  • Positive brand recall

How to Reach Us?

To know more about us and our products, you may call us or follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook for detail insights.